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Rhetorical Analysis Hip Hops Betrayal On Black Women

16 February 2012 Rhetorical Analysis of “Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women” In “Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women”, McLune addresses the influence of hip hop’s choice of words towards African American women and females. McLune’s article is written in response to Powell’s opinions in “Notes of a Hip Hop Head”, along with various other hip hop artists, that black females are the leading cause of poverty and racism why black men undertake racism and poverty, as if women do not face these struggles...

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Hip Hops Betrayal of Black Women

Middleton Comp I 25 Sept. 2011 Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women The Hip Hop music industry is infamous for being controversial. In the article Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women there’s a debate on whether the exploitation and constant verbal slander of women should be acceptable just because it sales records. It presents the question that why is it that male poverty breeds sexism? Even though women may have lived in the same environment males still see women as the enemy in their music in an...

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Hip Hop and Black Women

Hip-hop is the latest expressive manifestation of the past and current experience as well as the collective consciousness of African-American and Latino-American youth. But more than any music of the past, it also expresses mainstream American ideas that have now been internalized and embedded into the psyches of American people of color over time. A part of the learned mainstream American culture is sexism and misogyny. Hip-hop culture is frequently condemned for its misogynistic exploitation...

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Black Women vs Hip-Hop

Black Women VS Hip-Hop” Crystal Smith once wrote that “Images of black women in hip-hop culture make it more likely for them to be viewed as targets to be defaced and abused.” This statement is confirmed true there are many African American women in the hip-hop culture that are disrespected or abused in some type of way during the making of a video or even the lyrics of a song. There are many ways African American women of the hip-hop culture are being abused and disrespected. Some video women...

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Hip Hop's Betrayal of Black Women

on a situation that many people consider not being relevant. “Celie’s Revenge: Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women” written by Jennifer McLune relates to the feelings of many women in today’s society. Being referred to as bitches and hoes in the music that we hear every day, on the radio, TV, etc., is a disgrace to all whether they feel so or not. This article is a response to Kevin Powell’s article “Notes of a Hip Hop Head”. In his article, Kevin states “just as it was unfair to demonize men of color...

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African American and Black Women

 A Rhetorical Analysis of “Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women” Divan Ealy September 25, 2013 ENGL 1123 9-9:50am The article “Hip-Hop Betrayal of Black Women” was written by Jennifer McLune and appeared in Z magazine Online in the July 2006 issue. McLune argues that sexism in hip-hop’s culture is a big part and has helped make the industry what it is today. This article can be divided into 5 different sections. In the first section, she talks about Kevin Powell...

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Hip-Hop Music and Its Adverse Affect on Women

Hip-Hop Music and Its Negative Impact on African American Women Irma Royster Sociology 370-01 Professor Woods 4 March, 2011 ABSTRACT In the world of hip-hop music, the message for young women is that in order to be considered beautiful, you have to take your clothes off or allow yourself to be demeaned and degraded by the rappers/hip-hop artist in the entertainment field. People outside the African American community see these portrayals of...

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The Influence of Hip Hop on Today's Youth

Research Analysis Essay The Influence of Hip Hop on Today’s Youth “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” This profound statement from English writer, Aldous Huxley, demonstrates the importance that music obtains in today’s society. Simply, music is a form of expression, not limited to any specific genre. Although this expression is not limited to one genre, there is one that seemingly obtains the title of most controversial. The Rap/Hip-Hop genre...

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Women in Hip Hop

“Woman in Hip-Hop” Although hip-hop generally contains male emcees, there has been a plethora of female emcees in the earlier hip-hop days that have made a positive impact on the hip-hop community and the culture itself. Hip-Hop started in 1970 by DJ Kool Herc, but it wasn’t until 1979 that the first female emcee emerged. Her name was Wendy Clark A.K.A “Lady B”. She began spinning hip-hop records on WHAT 1340 AM in Philadelphia. She expanded hip-hop outside of New York to Philadelphia....

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Hip Hop

“Hip-hop reflects the truth, and the problem is that hip-hop exposes a lot of the negative truth that society tries to conceal. It's a platform where we could offer information, but it's also an escape.”- Busta Rhymes (Hip Hop Quotes) Hip hop does contain a largely negative influence into the American society by black men getting into violence, assaulting black women physically and concerning about their education, their employment and their incarceration. The hip hop music influence young black...

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