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Real Madrid Vs Barcelona Live

ABSTRACT The case study is about one of the best known and best playing soccer team in the world, Real Madrid. It tries to backlight the myth of soccer and the tremendous merchandising system behind soccer. Especially the era of Florentino Pérez, who brought a new dimension in managing and merchandising soccer clubs to Spain, will be analyzed in detail. SOCCER THE GAME What makes a team like Real Madrid so interesting for sponsors and fans worldwide? What makes soccer so interesting for us? Soccer...

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218972333 Real Madrid Essay

Real Madrid Summary Company: Real Madrid Strategy: 1. “Professionalize” the management team 2. Exploit the enormous value of the Real Madrid brand and players’ images to increase revenues. 3. Impose financial discipline to ensure that the team did not become overextended. Key to this discipline was limiting the players’ expense. With the new strategy of Zidanes & Pavones, Real Madrid would sign one star player per year and focus on the development of players through the farm system or cantera. Issues:...

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Real Madrid

Speech Outline Name: SALIM ALRASHDI Title: Speech about Real Madrid football club. General Purpose: To Inform about Real Madrid football club. Specific Purpose: To show my audience of three aspects of Real Madrid football club. Central Idea: Real Madrid has great background of history, honours, players and management Team. Introduction Attention: Do you know why they call it the royal club? Reveal topic: Today I am going to tell you information about one of the most famous...

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History of Real Madrid Cf

English November 21, 2012 Real Madrid FC Real Madrid Football Club is one of the oldest, most successful clubs in the world. Ever since its inception in 1902, the club has won countless titles, and has been a perennial contender for its entire existence. Many of the sport’s biggest, most notorious legends have worn the pure white uniforms that have become synonymous with the team. With a history of excellence, and a winning tradition that continues to this day, Real Madrid’s already unbelievable...

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Real Madrid Brand Management

how Real Madrid went from a local to global organization and turned into one of the most well known football clubs in the world by leveraging its brand equity and implementing successful marketing programmes throughout the world. Real Madrid was ranked the richest football club in the world in 2009-10, according to Delloitte Football Club Annual Report with €438.6m in revenue. (Goal.com, 2011) 1) Brand values and positioning Brand awareness For the first 100 years of its story, Real Madrid...

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Real Madrid Case

From its beginnings in 1902, the Spanish soccer club Real Madrid CF has set the standards of a championship soccer organization. Bernabeu, Real Madrid CF appointed president (1943), created the strongest brand in soccer synonym of prestige and champions, wining 6 European Cups. During his tenure, he focused on creating Spain's largest coliseum with a capacity of 75,000, coined "best in Europe' by the international press, and acquiring the best soccer talent at any cost. Bernabeu aimed to build the...

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Real Madrid Harvard Case

Real Madrid (RM) has been worldwide-known as one of the best soccer club in the world. From its beginnings in 1902, this Spanish soccer club has set the standards of a championship soccer organization and in 1905 had his first international game. A major turning point in the club’s history came with Bernabeu, Real Madrid CF appointed president (1943).He created the strongest brand in soccer synonym of prestige and champions, wining 6 European Cups. He coined “best in Europe” by international press...

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Real Madrid Club de Fútbol

Abstract Real Madrid Club de Fútbol has a storied past. In the past decade, they were able to overcome extensive financial difficulties and assemble a first team containing seven of the top players in the world. These players were called the “Galácticos.” The Galácticos were the core of a complete business reformation pioneered by the President of the club, Florentino Peréz, a Spanish business mogul. Under his guidance, brand recognition expanded greatly, and cash flows increased drastically...

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FC Barcelona

departures of Núñez and van Gaal were hardly noticed by the fans when compared to that of Luís Figo, then club vice-captain. Figo had become a cult hero, and was considered by Catalans to be one of their own. However, Barcelona fans were distraught by Figo's decision to join arch-rivals Real Madrid, and, during subsequent visits to the Camp Nou, Figo was given an extremely hostile reception. Upon his first return, a piglet's head and a full bottle of whiskey were thrown at him from the crowd.[51] The next...

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Real Madrid Brand Equity

1) Define Real Madrid’s brand platform by describing the following: a) Brand Identity Real Madrid has a very powerful brand identity. It is always on top of everyone’s list when speaking about football clubs. In essence, Real Madrid’s core brand identity is that it as a well renowned football club that has been prevalent for over a hundred years. It is known for greatness, competition, class, top notch talent and being champions. The extended identity also stands for: Product offering: High...

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Real Madrid Case

Real Madrid Club De Futbol With millions of fans worldwide and over one hundred years of continued support and recognition, Real Madrid Club De Futbol had been created as the strongest brand in soccer. Their constant focus was to establish their brand globally and maintain supremacy of this brand with continuing to maximize profits and enhance their corporation. Their market strategy was based on the power and profitability of a successful brand. They were aware that without their brand fully...

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real madrid

1) What is the real Madrid business model? What are the key drivers for each revenue stream? The business model is based on purchasing the most famous players even at high cost to then make a profit on merchandising and marketing by the use of their names. One of the keys to this strategy being successful is that those players are given a contract in which they give 50% of their image rights to the club in exchange for a high salary and for the opportunity to play in the elite of the elite: a team...

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Real Madrid

Real Madrid C.F. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Page semi-protected "Real Madrid" redirects here. For the basketball team, see Real Madrid Baloncesto. For other uses, see Real Madrid (disambiguation). Real Madrid Real Madrid C.F. emblem Full name Real Madrid Club de Fútbol[1] Nickname(s) Los Blancos (The Whites) Los Merengues (The Meringues) Los Vikingos (The Vikings)[2] Founded 6 March 1902 (111 years ago) as Madrid Football Club[3] Ground Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (capacity:...

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Fc Barcelona

FC Barcelona, also known simply as "Barcelona" and familiarly as "Barça", is based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. In this paper, I will talk about three points about it: the history, the achievement, and the finance of FC Barcelona. In the eighteenth century, Hans Gamber and another 10 persons in Barcelona plays a game of one was not for the local people know sports - football. When Gamber on November 29, 1899 on this day created a Barcelona football club, he may be difficult to imagine how much...

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Real Madrid

Who are Real Madrid’s customers? How is the market segmented? (Colin) 1. Fans Who Watch Live Matches at Stadiums This group of customers comprises the fans who visit the stadiums to watch the live matches, and total up to 80,000. Of the 80,000 seats available in the stadium, 58,000 seats are held by season ticket holders, 4000 box seats and VIPs, while the rest are for sale during the match. A good portion of the VIP seats could be one that is variable, with the club having VIP packages which...

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Case Analysis: Real Madrid Club de Futbol

Nature of demand The product, the actual brand of the Real Madrid Soccer Club already exists. With soccer being a popular sport, over 240 million people kick a soccer ball at least once a week, soccer has a large target market. Although its target market is relatively large; targeting soccer fans all across Spain, but not limiting themselves and wanting to spread internationally, soccer fans throughout the world used products from either Real Madrid or its competition to show loyalty to his or her favorite...

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Barcelona Olympics

When Barcelona was selected to host the 1992 Summer Olympics, the city (as well as Catalonia and España as a whole) welcomed the incredible opportunity. In addition to the obvious nationalist pride and international recognition hosting the games entails, their excitement was also fueled by the potential that the opportunity represented. As the International Olympic Committee explains in their “Factsheet – Legacies of the Games,” recent Olympic games have resulted in “long lasting legacies for their...

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Persuassive Essay on FC Barcelona

 Before the 2008-09 campaign, FC Barcelona seemed like they didn’t have a chance to be anything. But they ended that season with being debated as one of the greatest teams of all time. And they should be. I’m here to end the debate Upon the departure of Frank Rijkaard, whom had a successful tenure as manager, there were questions about who would take over. Barça B manager Pep Guardiola ended up taking over as manager. And as soon as he came in he made some dramatic changes. He released best in...

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Real Madrid Marketing Case Study

their member clubs for marketing rights. The UEFA negotiated such rights for the European Champions League.20 Most clubs were free to independently establish prices, market games, and adopt competitive strategies. Some of the bigger clubs, such as Real Madrid or Manchester United, negotiated marketing rights on their own behalf. Furthermore, European clubs (except the British soccer leagues) did not engage in the revenue sharing typical of U.S. sports. In U.S. soccer, for instance, TV revenues from national...

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Real Madrid

Real Madrid Case Analysis 1. What is the Real Madrid business model? Is it unique? The Real Madrid business model is unique as it changed 360 degrees the concept of sports. They focused on converting Real Madrid into the new Disney of sports.. The club has been owned by its cardholding members and non-cardholding members. A network of fans has promoted the club’s name and ensured the flow of information. At first, by realizing that they can become content providers, Real Madrid aimed to be...

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Barcelona: Past and Present

Usages of Barcelona (1076) Catalan “bill of rights * First citizens “charter” in Europe * All “burhers” or citizens (not Serfs) on equal legal footing with feudal nobility * Disputes sorted by negotiation, not decided by a higher (feudal) authority. * Rise of the Bourgeoisie * From French Burgeis – ‘of a walled town’ * Artisans, traders * Outside Feudal system * Rival Crown and Church for power in Barcelona * Organized into trade associations – guilds ...

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Real Madrid Essay

Real Madrid Football Club I decided to type my essay about Real Madrid who was voted the most successful club in the 20th century. This award doesn’t come easy. Real Madrid has 31 La Liga titles, 18 Spanish Cups, 8 Super Cups, 1 Cope Eva Duarte, 1 Cope del la Liga, a record 9 UEFA Champion Leagues, 2 UEFA Cups, 1 UEFA Super Cup and 3 Intercontinental Cups. That’s a lot to bargain for. The name Real Madrid comes from real meaning “Royal” and Madrid being the city in Spain they’re franchise is at...

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Live a real life

on our planet. However, the ability of study and imitation makes us different from others. In human’s life, copying and seeking abilities from the surrounding exist in every period. For example, airplanes, electricity, radar and so on that make our lives achieve a huge progress are imitations of some characters of animals and nature. In “Strange Creatures” Susan Blackmore expounds the importance of imitation. Meanwhile, the implication of “meme ” is also mentioned in this essay. “Meme” which is defined...

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Crucible vs real life

plague. A war started by jealousy, carried on by reputation and ended in tragedy. In the novel, the Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, the Parris family, the Procter Family, Giles Corey, and the Putnam family can be compared and contrasted to their real life personas. Miller demonstrates a rather dramatic story of a group of families pulled together and ripped apart due to a jealous little girl. But his has some big differences to reality. Tituba, a slave from Barbados who was owned by the Parris...

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Courts Real vs Fiction

Reality and Fiction: the True View 1 Reality and Fiction: the True View Americans rely a great deal on their entertainment to educate them about life. In many ways Americans live vicariously through the experiences of fictional characters and believe themselves to learn many things from fictional characters. For example, many persons have said they learned CPR by watching medical shows on television or believe they can assist in a medical emergency because they have seen “experts” on television...

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The 'Real' vs the 'Symbol' Economy

NAME: JEPTER LORDE SUBJECT: INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY TOPIC: Distinguish between the ‘real’ economy and the ‘symbol’ economy, drawing on two examples from the current global political economy. “Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself”, the quote is attributed to Milton Friedman noted academic and economist. It is this lack of belief in freedom, freedom to question and interrogate by the individual, which has led to the unfortunate...

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Pocahontas; Reel vs Real

Pocahontas; Reel vs Real The Disney version of Pocahontas and the real story have many differences such as the romance, Pocahontas’ personality, and how the story ended. Disney has romanticized the tragic story of Pocahontas into not one, but two cartoons, with a target audience of children. And with deeply embedded messages into the plot of love and strength, many differences surface, showing off Disney’s ability to make a story of war, captives, and death a happy tale for children to enjoy. In...

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Live in

22 August 2008 - In January 2008, the Supreme Court validated long-term live-in relationships as marriages. A Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Arijit Pasayat with P Satasivan declared that children born out of such a relationship will no longer be called illegitimate. "Law inclines in the interest of legitimacy and thumbs down 'whoreson' or 'fruit of adultery'," the court added. The apex court judgment was followed by similar suggestions from the National Commission for Women (NCW). In June...

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Misfortunes in Madrid

MISFORTUNES IN MADRID ( 1890-1891 ) Upon the arrival in Madrid, Rizal sought the help of the : Filipino Colony - the Asosacion Hispano - Filipina and the Liberal Spanish Newspapers ( La Justicia, El Globo, La Republica, El Resumen, etc. ) M.H. del Pilar - acted as the lawyer of Dr. Jose Rizal Dr. Dominador Gomez - secretary of the Asosacion Hispano - Filipina Señor Fabie - Minister of Colonies El Resumen - a Madrid newspaper which sympathized the Filipino cause " to cover the...

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Real Sparta VS Movie 300

Joshua Paul Mr. Zlotin Global History And Geography I 14 January 2014 Real Sparta Vs. 300 Sparta “THIS IS SPARTA”, a famous quote from the Hollywood movie 300 (2006), is this movie by Zack Snyder true to what really happen? Sparta was a city-state in south west of Ancient Greece with a strict set of eugenics. Sparta was one of the two biggest and strongest city-states and is considered to have the strongest Army of its time. Persia was the super power of its time, it had expanding borders...

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Reality TV VS Real Life TV

Reality TV vs. Real Life TV One of the main sources of news and entertainment is television. Every household has a television set in their home which the family consumes hours watching. Many reality TV shows are based on shallow and vague values. The growing trend in television now for our culture is “REALITY TV” (real life on TV). Just like the appeal to junk food or the internet reality TV has a dominant effect on our children and us as adults. There is real life and there is TV-life under...

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Barcelona Pavilion

Barcelona Pavilion The Barcelona Pavilion (Catalan: Pavelló alemany; Spanish: Pabellón alemán; "German Pavilion"), designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was the German Pavilion for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain. This building was used for the official opening of the German section of the exhibition. Technically this building should be called the German Pavilion in Barcelona, since it was constructed as a temporary building for the International Exposition in Barcelona of...

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Real Life vs. vs. Abu Ghraib

Real-life similarities and differences between The Stanford Prison Experiment and Abu Ghraib. Dawud R. Gilmore Worcester State University Psychology 101 Dr. Soysa June 28, 2012 Abstract American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far does the responsibility go? During the era of Saddam Hussein, Abu Ghraib was one of the worlds worst and most notorious prisons. From torture, to executions, to terrible living conditions. This was the honest view of the horrors of war. The mistreatment at Abu...

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Real Madrid - the Business

Real Madrid - The Business 1. Analyze Real Madrid's business strategy using the value chain and competitive forces models. Why has the team been so successful? Value chain analysis: [1] Primary activities: Operations - Here we can consider all the activities related with the team, including played games. We can think about a game as a performance, which the team sells among other things. Every time the team enters the pitch, Real Madrid is producing a product that sells. Marketing and Commercialization...

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Real Courts vs Fictional Courts

This essay will discuss the differences in the ‘real’ courtroom, versus the ‘fictional’ courtroom, which is the depiction most of us are exposed to. In order to accurately compare the differences between the two different courtrooms, a brief summary of each must be presented. Once each of these is portrayed, an attempt to compare and contrast the two styles and the differences that exist between them can be discussed. Lawyers: better in the abstract than in person? Maybe. Studies indicate that...

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Power of Real Women vs. Power of Elizabeth Bennet

Power of Real Women vs. Power of Elizabeth Bennet Elizabeth Bennet is a remarkable young woman due to her self confidence, which allows her intelligence to shine through, making her less trapped than the other young women in the novel, Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth is able to fulfill the traditional expectations of a woman without losing her opinionated nature and strong sense of self. In the 1800s, a woman’s main priority was to find a man to marry, and be his loyal wife. What makes Elizabeth...

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Live Music vs. Studio Music

When listening to music, do you prefer a live sound and setting, or a clean studio version on a cd? Well there are many benefits to the artist on both sides, however, with benefits of financial aspects and ticket sales, visual experiences by the listener of the performance, and artistic credibility onstage, live performing artists have become more successful in the music industry. When an artist is out on tour, the fans benefit from more than just the music. When a fan buys a ticket to a concert...

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Serato Scratch Live VS Traktor Scratch

Serato Scratch Live VS Traktor Scratch Does turntable mixing define a DJ or can a computer DJ rock the house just as hard? Nowadays, there are several types of equipment that a DJ (Disc Jockey) can use to rock a party. Unlike twenty years ago with turntables and vinyl records, today there are CD players, MIDI controllers, software programs, and turntables connected to programs like Serato Scratch Live and Traktor Scratch that can be used for performances. A lot of DJs have...

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"Surreal vs. Real Life" is an comparative essay. It is comparing the real life situations to unreal (fantasy life).

Surreal vs. Real Life Every normal human at one point in their life wishes and dreams of, and even craves the existence of a utopia, a surreal life. All (all as in reference to human beings, with a mature level of thinking) want a life that offers more of an upward stability compared to a current state of being, which in some aspect may be lacking. Where an ideal life may not include any troubles found today, and offers the cliché of clouds with a silver lining, real life includes not only troubles...

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Real Madrid Marketing Harvard Business Case

times in June 2000 as the president of Real Madrid. Perez had promised to turn around the club's finance, bring in world class talent, and extent the club's brand around the world through multiple channels. Under Perez management, Real Madrid had mission to nurture and project the club brand worldwide. But Perez had some problem with his mind, these problem lead him to think twice about his management decision. These problem are : 1. According to Real Madrid strategy (to buying a worldwide class...

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Misfortune in Madrid

 RIZAL CRITICIZES MADRID FILIPINOS FOR GAMBLING In Brussels, Rizal received news from Juan Luna,and Valentin Ventura that the Filipino in Spain weredestroying the good name of their nation bygambling too much. These two compatriots in Parisurged him to do something about it. Accordingly, Rizal wrote too M.H Del Pilar on May28, 1890 to remind the Filipinos in Madrid that theydid not come to Europe to gamble, but to work fortheir father land’s freedom. The gambling Filipinos in Madrid were angry when...

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Gran Torino vs Real World

class families. This many times will cause homeowners to leave, turning the formerly friendly neighborhoods into neglected, beat up streets that no one wants to have to live with; and with this follows the gangs and the violence which will almost force all of the residents to leave. But what if someone were to stay? How could one live like that every day, wondering if your house would be robbed or if you got held up at gun point? The sad truth is this is happening in many major cities and their local...

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Chapter 17: Misfortunes in Madrid

Chapter 17:Misfortunes in Madrid August 1890- Rizal arrived in Madrid to seek justice for his family and the Calamba tenants. He sought the help of the Filipino colony, the Asociacion Hispano-Filipina, and the liberal Spanish newspapers (La Justicia, El Globo, La Republica, El Resumen, etc.) -M. H. del Pilar acted as his lawyer and Dr. Dominador Gomez (secretary of Asociacion Hispano-Filipina) Sepetmber 6, 1890- Rizal received a terrible news, he received a copy of the ejectment order...

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Today We Live In Digitize Of The Real World

Today we live in digitize of the real world. Technology has caused the access to information and building of connections with other people. We use multitask skills to balance our life. Some people states that new technology could be useful for people’s lives or it could be used to hurt people’s lives. No matter how, with the development of technology, internet plays a more and more important role in people’s daily life, also it gradually changes people’s life style. Several things are thought to...

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To Live

Isaac Lee Language A: English HL World Literature Paper 6/3/2013 Word Count: 1215 A New Perspective on Chinese History Isaac Lee WLP Ball 1 The novel, To Live, by Yu Hua was banned in China when it was first published because the novel exposed the faulty rule of the Communist party in China. This literary masterpiece depicts four decades of Chinese history, including historic events as the Sino-Japanese war, the civil war, the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Mao’s Great Leap Forward...

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Fate vs. Freewill

Lou Norton Mr. Horton English I Honors 8 March 2013 Textual Analysis Fate vs. freewill is a controversial argument of today. Are peoples life controlled by a higher being or do people make their own destiny? This argument is shown in the song titled "The Cave" by Mumford and Sons. The song is about the author who is the enlightened one and has returned to his fellow prisoners to convince them to make the journey the author has made to find the truth. Secondly, this argument is shown in the...

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The Lives of Slaves on Plantations vs. the Lives of Slaves in Big Cities

The lives of Slaves on Plantations vs. the lives of Slaves in Big Cities During the mid 18th century African Americans living in the United States were born, raised, and sold as slaves. Many of them were transported from Africa to the Americas through the middle passage. Arriving in the Americas, African Americans were sold as slaves to slave owners during auctions and were sent out to different homes in order to start their new lives. Many slaves were sent out to large rural plantations in the...

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Personality Traits of a Real Writer

Personality Traits of a Real Writer by Julie Hood All writers are creative types, with cluttered desks, and messy piles, right? To be a good writer, one lives on coffee and stale potato chips only coming up for air when the book's done, right? Maybe. Or maybe we as writers have convinced ourselves that this is how a "real" writer acts. Writers spend so much time trying to determine when they will be a "real" writer. Just like the stereotype that all accountants wear green eyeshades...

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Management Barcelona as an International Destination Author: Ester Natasha Massoud Word Count: 3.091 Date: 24/11/2013 Internatonal  Destination  Management     Content 1. Introduction 2. Destination infrastructure and capacities 3. Destination Management Organisation 4. Destination’s business mix, competitors and stakeholders 5. Future challenges and opportunities 6. References   2   Barcelona   Internatonal  Destination  Management     Barcelona   1. Introduction...

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Hamlet Theme of Appearance vs. Reality

the theme of appearance and reality in his book-Hamlet. The dilemma of what is "real" is established at the very beginning of the play. Hamlet doesn't know what to believe and devises a plan to find out. The old king Hamlet appears to be bitten by a snake, but in reality he was poisoned, the ghost appears as an apparition, but it's actually real, and the play-with-in-a-play strongly depicts the theme of appearance vs. reality. The dead King appears to have been bitten by a snake. In reality...

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TO live or not to live

saw them being built"and how. To be capable to tell people of the time you stood among the people who rose against the barricades during the French revolution, or when you saw both the rise and the fall of the Roman empire. Why wouldn't I like to live forever if I could manage to see and do things that would simply be impossible in the short time span of a normal human life. Living forever would be an amazing experience. Imagine the possibilities, you could explore the wonders of the world, not...

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Appearance vs. Reality

the characteristics of Realism, in American literature at least, is the ironic use of perceptions of "appearance" vs. "reality." With this in mind, Henry James's "The Real Thing" and "The Beast in the Jungle" are two works wherein such characteristics can be shown to operate as James employs cleverly woven twists of "appearance" and "reality" in each of the plots. In James's "The Real Thing," the plot is centered on an unnamed artist and his interactions with two sets of models: the Monarchs (members...

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Real Madrid, Integrated Marketing Communications

team must be a very good one. The more well-known the sponsor is, the higher the status of the team. “Real Madrid drives an Audi” The business relationship between the club and Audi is a good example of the power of sponsorship to create associations which provides good publicity and attracts target audience. “The partnership between Audi, the leading luxury car brand in Spain, and Real Madrid, the footballing champions of Spain, shows the desire we have for more success for Audi in this country...

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The Lives of Modern Women vs. the Lives of Women 100 Years Ago

The lives of modern women are immeasurably more comfortable, equal, and empowered than those of their early twentieth century counterparts. Over the last hundred years, women have made advances in key areas which have led to liberation and equality. Although there is still room for improvement, by gaining the right to vote, winning the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the workforce, and taking control over when and how they have children, the quality of life of contemporary women demonstrates...

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What is real true and good

What is Real,True,and Good What is the meaning of real,true,and good? The answer may seem rather simple, but there is no single answer. When thinking more in depth, I discovered that there is more to it and a single answer will not suffice. Although in the dictionary these three words have different distinct definitions, they have deeper meaning, for example, the meaning of good is not just good vs evil, true is not only true and false, and real is not only revolved around what is...

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Real Estate Finance Midterm Review

Midterm Review Ch 2. -What is Real Estate? Land at, above and below the earth’s surface, plus all things permanently attached to it -Bundle of Rights • legal rights 1. right of exclusive possession 2. right of enjoy,ent 3. right of disposition • physical rights o Surface rights-Right to use the surface of the earth o Subsurface rights-Right to natural resources lying below surface o Air rights-Right to air space  To the technologically feasible height to erect structures  Level...

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Lionel Messi Vs Ronaldo

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are amazing footballers, but they have many differences when it comes to actually playing the game their salaries are also different. Ronaldo is the world’s most expensive player, Real Madrid having signed him for $131 million in the summer of 2009. They are two of the highest paid soccer players in the world game. Messi has a release clause of $400 million and his rise to the top could not contrast more starkly to that...

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Media vs. Real World

Media vs. Real World Problems The media influences nearly everything and everyone in America and around the world. Television shows, music, and movies cloud our minds. Therefore, we don’t know about even half of the world’s problems. While children in Africa are starving and dying from contaminated water we sit around and watch MTV. The media should use its power to bring real world problems to light. In the political cartoon simply titled “Miley Cyrus” we see the problem with media and it’s...

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Fc Barcelona

 I choose to talk about fc Barcelona for several reasons first because  i consider them as te best team of the world .  They have acomplish a lot  in this past years They have proven all te teams in the world why They are the best.this acomplishments  are thanks to the coaches the general managers  the fans, but most important the playera who have work all this years yo créate the best team of the world with a tupe of Soccer we havent semen in a long time. This team is now somos undefitable the coaches...

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El Clasico

the sheer football brilliance of a match tussle between two Spanish football giants- FC Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The rivalry between these two has become such a loud issue in football such that any meeting between the two is simply, elegantly and without exaggeration known as ‘El Clasico’. El Clasico (also known as El Derbi Español) is the name given in football to a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is contested twice every La Liga season and if the clubs meet in other competitions...

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