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Rainbow and Achievers Middle Achievers

should be able to: - Identify the word (rain). - Spell and pronounce the keywords in the rhymes such as pouring, raining, old, man, snoring, e.t.c. - Recite and demonstrate properly to the rhyme. Its raining Its pouring The old man is snoring He went to bed and bumped his head He couldn’t get up in the morning (1)The learners are asked to identify rain with the aid of a picture. (2)Spell and pronounce the keywords in the rhyme such as pouring, rain, old, man snoring, et.c (3)Recite the...

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Main Causes of Pollution in Urban and Rural Areas

POLLUTION: [pic] REASON: Smoke from factories and cars pollutes the air. The smoke rises and becomes part of a cloud. When it rains down on a river, the rain from that cloud is known as acid rain and it pollutes bodies of wat. CAUSES OF WATER POLLUTION: [pic] ...

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The Difference Between Reality and Fantasy

everything in Blanche’s life was a lie. Once Catherine died, Henry went out and the rain washed away the fantasy and returned him back into reality. That is why she never liked the rain because it washes things away. “‘And you’ll always love me, won’t you?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘And the rain won’t make a difference?’ ‘No.’ ‘That’s good. Because I’m afraid of the rain.’” She foreshadows the fact that Henry will stop “loving” her when it rains, which in the end turns right. It was as if each raindrop brought him closer...

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The Great Gatsby Water Symbolism

water are depicted, tragic things can also happen when it is raining. When there is rain being depicted in the novel, something tragic happens to the characters. Being depicted as gloomy throughout the entire book, rain is only depicted during melancholy parts of the novel. When Gatsby planned on meeting with Daisy, “the day agreed upon was pouring rain” (83). Gatsby is nervous about the tea because it is raining. Rain is portrayed here not to foreshadow something tragic at the tea, but something tragic...

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The Them Foreshadowing in the Cask of Amontillado

February 2013 Foreshadowing is to show, indicate, or suggest in advance on what is postliminary going to happen in a situation. It is a way of hinting at what will come later on in a story. Foreshadowing can be subtle sometimes like dark rain clouds coming before a rain storm or more direct. Many writers use foreshadowing to create suspense for the readers. Writers want readers to feel suspense in stories to feel excited about some outcome, such as the ending of a mystery novel. Foreshadowing has possessed...

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mat540 hw wk3 question

game must decide whether to have the vendors sell sun visors or umbrellas. There is a 30% chance of rain, a 15% chance of overcast skies, and a 55% chance of sunshine, according to the weather forecast in College Junction, where the game is to be held. The manager estimates that the following profits will result from each decision, given each set of weather conditions: Weather Conditions Decision Rain Overcast Sunshine .30 .15 .55 Sun visors $-500 $-200 $1,500 Umbrellas 2,000 0 -900 a...

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The Effects of Physical Factors on the Storm Hydrograph

gentler more even landscape where water will slowly crawl off in to the river channel such as plains. Percitipitation refers to rain, sleet, snow, hail and other forms of water falling from the sky. Different types and amount of precipitation can have a varying effect on the storm hydrograph. Heavy rainfall such as conventional rainfall results in a lot of excess rain water which was not able to be infiltrated into the soil, there is also a lot of run-off, a shorter lag time and a rapid rise in...

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My Perfect Future Husband

sound and smell to illustrate abundant life and activity in the bushes when the ‘sound of bees and the scent of honey’ add to the charm and beauty if Jamaica. He describes the fields filled with lovely yellow buttercups. All this happens when the rains have stopped and the beauty if nature emerges once again. THEMES * Beauty of nature * Appreciation of one own country * Appreciate nature MORAL VALUES * We should appreciate what we have in our own country * We should not long...

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What Are the Consequences of Deforestation?

of Deforestation? There are many consequences of deforestation from animals and plants being extinct to problems to the rain cycle. Rain Cycle- The role of rainforests in the water cycle is to add water to the atmosphere through the process of transpiration (where they release water from their leaves during photosynthesis). This moisture contributes to the formation of rain clouds which release the water back on the rainforest. In the Amazon, 50-80% of moisture remains in the ecosystem's water...

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What's Weather Got to Do with It?

first time after many years; however, it becomes awkward for them to be there with one another. Fitzgerald wrote, "The day agreed upon was pouring rain" (64). When Daisy and Gatsby first meet, all is not well between them. The thunderstorm represents the uncertainty that revolves in their heads on this first encounter. Fitzgerald writes, "While the rain continued it has seemed like the murmur of their voices… But in the new silence I felt that silence had fallen within the house too" (67). Nick...

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