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The Opium Tragedy Since the US invasion of Afghanistan the opium output in the region has increased over five thousand percent. The mass production of opium began with the US backed overthrow of the secular government in Afghanistan and escalated expeditiously with the ensuing civil war. Before this the Taliban had banned the use of narcotics and kept poppy cultivation low. But the Taliban required military funding for the conflicts and what better way is there to obtain billions of dollars...

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Comparisons of Opium, Opiates, and Heroin

Jay Castonguay Comparisons of Opium, Opiates, and Heroin List the names of the common derivatives of opium. Morphine Codeine ThebaineDiscuss the differences between opium, opiates, and synthetic opiates. All of these are considered a narcotic; opium is harvested straight from the opium poppy in the form of a sticky tar like substance. Opium produces an analgesic and euphoric effect on the patient taking the drug. Opiates are a derivative of the pure opium drug, so in other words they are...

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Globalization Of Opium

conducted on a larger scale, which developed into international trade. Opium, the sticky, yellowish, latex residue that is dried and that comes from the poppy plant, has been a global commodity for centuries. This plant contains approximately 10% of the analgesic alkaloid protein that is chemically processed to produce natural and synthetic opioids that are used both legally and illegally (Drugs.com). The comprehensive history of opium is about as convoluted as its moral and ethical effects on the world;...

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Opium Study Sheet

Opium Study Sheet Opium General term for all opiates Opiate Any alkaloid found in the opium poppy plant Alkaloid Organic compound containing basic nitrogen atoms Opium poppy plant Also known as common garden poppy Produces poppy seeds Grows large green pods before blooming If cut, latex leaks out Once latex dries (oxidizes) it becomes smokeable tar This tar is what the Chinese bought and what caused the opium wars Refined raw opium Morphine Always present in opium Pure morphine...

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Opium War

I agree to a small extent. The Opium War did affect China’s economy. From Source B, I can infer that the Opium Wars made China richer. The source mentioned that the export of tea from China increased 42,000,000kg in 1855 from only 7,500,000kg in 1843, an increase of more than 500%. This showed that the trade increased. With more trade, there would be more money which were gained from the trades. Furthermore, more trade also means more jobs for the Chinese. Therefore, the Chinese will be able to...

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Opium War

Jeffrey Koala Revolutionary China Professor Lu 6/12/07 THE INEVITABILITY OF THE OPIUM WAR BETWEEN GREAT BRITAIN AND CHINA The Opium War, which began in 1839, pitted two of history's most independently industrious strongholds against each other. It was not only hugely detrimental to China's potential of progress, but was as well equally as unavoidably inevitable. The War also had major consequences to the later relations between China and Britain. The brutal fighting that ensued between...

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The Opium War

The Opium War The Opium War, directed by Jin Xie, paints a rather impartial account of the Opium War, starting with the appointment of Lin Zexu to end the opium trade in China to the signing of the Treaty of Nanking. This film seemed to fairly depict the faults of both the Chinese and the British during the 1830's and up to 1842. That said, The Opium War illustrated two important factors that both helped to promote the conflict and eventual military confrontation between China and Britain....

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Opium Wars

dangerous drug of Opium. When opium was first introduce in China it was like any other drug, addictive and harmful to the human body but the Chinese weren’t aware of the opium negative effects. Opium the narcotic drug is derived of from immature seed pods of poppy plants. Opium was used for pain relieving, it was one of the first drugs able to relieve pain before morphine was invented, and morphine is safer drug then opium and they both came from the same plant. Before the opium war, foreign trade...

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Coffee, Tea, or Opium

"Coffee, Tea, or Opium?" In "Coffee, Tea, or Opium," the authors main point is that even at this point in history some rulers felt that drug importation throughout other countries was immoral for their economic and social status. China's commissioner for foreign trade, Lin Zexu wanted to stop the illegal importation of opium into his country. Lin saw that the opium trade was damaging the publics health and was bleeding China of its wealth. The emperor of Manchu had given Lin extensive power and...

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DBQ: Opium in China

 DBQ: Opium in China While most of the Western Hemisphere was undergoing drastic advancements, such as former colonies gaining their independence and transforming into more modernized nations, a lot of mishaps were occurring in the Eastern Hemisphere—China, specifically—a nation that was notorious for its isolation from foreign influences. European nations began to greedily eye China’s abundance of desirable resources, such as tea, porcelain, and silk. However, China had very little need or...

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