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  • Trident. Does the United Kingdom Need a Nuclear Deterrent?

    Trident. Does the United Kingdom need a nuclear deterrent? טריידנט. האם בבריטניה צריך הרתעה גרעינית? "Трайдент". Ли Соединенное Королевство необходимость ядерного сдерживания? 三叉戟。英國是否需要核威懾力量? These‚ are just some of the many languages that we could be speaking‚ if the UK did not have a deterrent. Nuclear weapons are generally frowned upon however should the United Kingdom be using Trident as a deterrent or not‚ considering the current political affairs in Korea and Afghanistan. China‚ Russia

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  • Republican Party

    Republican Party Also known as the GOP or Grand Old Party‚ the Republican Party is one of the two major political parties in the U.S today. This party promotes conservation or encourages traditional ideas. The three reasons why the Republican Party is to choose are homeland security‚ Social Security‚ and war and peace. Eighteen out of forty presidents were Republicans. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president and he accomplished a significant amount of goals such as abolishing slavery

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  • Technology In Our Daily Lives

    undesirable for the society. It’s because new kind of weapon develop as new technology advance. Besides‚ new type of crime also can occur. The dropping of two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki pictured modern technology as a threat to humanity. Our modern technology is also seen as something that can wipe out lives in a blink of an eye especially when we are talking about weaponry. Since the end of the First World War humanity has raced to develop weapons of mass destruction. During the Cold War‚ the

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  • Position Paper- Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty in Russia

    Position Paper COMMITTEE: General Assembly COUNTRY: Russia TOPIC:  The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) The Russian Federation confirms its position of principle in support of the efforts undertaken by the international community‚ including the UN‚ Conference on Disarmament and IAEA to fight terrorism and proliferation. Russia clearly understands that under today’s conditions the spread of nuclear weapons‚ together with missile vehicles of their’ delivery‚ would be fraught with generating

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  • The Cold War: The Operation Bay Of Pigs

    opportunity."- John F. Kennedy‚ October‚ 1960. The then young Senator from Massachusetts‚ already had an unique insightful outlook on the term crisis. Kennedy spoke of this before he held presidential office‚ led the country through the closest brush with nuclear war‚ all while having highest approval rating in history. In the 1960s many knew that the United States was headed down a path of likely destruction. After sighing relief of World War Two being over‚ the U.S quickly found themselves once again engaged

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  • The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy

    1960s approached‚ it was becoming clear that the influences of these truly great powers were declining (Hermes‚ 2001). Kennedy’s doctrine couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. His attest to the importance of flexibility essentially averted a nuclear World War III. In 1959‚ Fidel Castro led a guerrilla war against the Batista regime in Cuba‚ he “clamped down his own dictatorship… and turned to the Soviet Union for arms and financial aid” (Roskin & Berry‚ 2010‚ p.154-155). After the 1961 Bay of

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  • The Negative Effects of Nuclear Energy

    In 1950‚ the first commercial nuclear power plants were constructed. The public was promised a non-polluting and resourceful type of energy‚ but how safe was‚ and is‚ nuclear energy? Although there are less than 500 licensed nuclear power plants in the world‚ many nuclear accidents have already been endangering civilian lives. More serious accidents are not just likely‚ but inevitable (Fairchild 29). Nuclear energy may appear to be the ideal source of energy for the future: however‚ there

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  • Midterm Review Outline

    fight‚ otherwise – bargain. Nukes (what have they changed‚ what has not changed) Difference with nuclear weapons: quicker‚ computerized It is possible‚ but not inevitable‚ that nuclear weapons will be used in warfare Victory is no longer a prerequisite to hurt Sequence of war is reversed – destroy nation as prelude to destroying enemy forces Cannot spare defeated country after nuclear weapons are used. Killing many could always be done‚ now there is an expectation that it would be done

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  • Extended Essay History

    make the explanation more effective. The penultimate chapter of the essay focuses on similarities and differences in terms of growth and development‚ in the Indo-Pak association. It also speaks about the two countries’ possession and usage of nuclear weapons. The essay features numerous citations from reliable sources on the internet. Dr. Maleeha Iodi‚ a former Pakistani ambassador to the USA has also been considered in order to arrive at a rational conclusion. By the end of the essay‚ it is concluded

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  • Terrorism

    seeks to hurt a few people and to scare a lot of people in order to make a point” NYTimes‚ 1/6/2000 “Putting the horror in the minds of the audience‚ and not necessarily on the screen” Terrorism Priorities Today Biological Conventional Weapons Dirty Bombs 1 Property of Terrorism    Terrorism is different from regular crime because of its strong political properties The definition of terrorism can vary from people to people due to the differences in standpoint One person’s

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