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Nibco Bigbang

University March 19, 2013 NIBCO’s “Big Bang”; An Sap Implementation NIBCO’s Inc. is a midsized manufacturer of values and pipe fitting headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana (Brown, Dehayes, Hoffer, Martin & Perkins, 2012, p.468). NIBCO had over 3000 employees and reported $461 million annual revenue. The company implemented SAP R/3 among its ten plants and four new distribution centers. Top management did not take the advice of their consultants concerning taking a slower approach...

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 INTRODUCTION (5 Points) NIBCO Inc. is a middle size company that is privately held and that specializes in the manufactures of pipe fittings as well as valves. The organization’s headquarters are in Elkhart in the same city in which it was founded more than a century ago. Prior to December 1997 the company utilized a legacy system in its administration and operations. However, a number of events and processes set into motion a move towards significant change in the organizational system in the...

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NIBCO Case Study Discussion

NIBCO Case Study Discussion Ronald E. Giachetti, Ph.D. Associate Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering Florida International University Duane P. Truex, Ph.D. Associate Professor Robinson College of Business Department of Computer Information Systems Georgia State University MBA 8125 Information technology Management ERP Methodology and Project Management Professor Duane Truex III 1 Air Force Mentor-Protégé Program NIBCO Epilogue • NIBCO experienced a major dip in productivity...

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Vendor-Managed Inventory at NIBCO

NIBCO has 100 years history and $ 400 million revenues. The main product is flow control like valves, fitting, and hangers so on. Compare to other same types of manufacturers, NIBCO wants to provide low price and differentiation of flow control products. In these days, the product quality is not only a requirement among the commodity markets. The value-added services also are good ways to attract more customers. However, when NIBCO wants to give value-added services to customers, the old system cannot...

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Case Study Analysis: Erp Implementation for Nibco

implementation of SAP ERP solution in NIBCO, a manufacturer of pipe and fittings, a mid-size manufacturer with about 3,000 employees and revenue over 460 million USD. The company has implemented successfully the full package of ERP solution, provided by SAP, the leading solution provider under the consultancy of Boston Consulting Group. NIBCO has gained the success by good management and project team understanding, determination and experiences. The method of implementation of NIBCO for this ERP solution is...

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2012 Lyrics & Romanisation (Preparation for Bigbang Alive in Malaysia)

ARRANGED BY : BB①st Malaysia SUPPORTED BY : MY-VIP, YG-HYPE, MYVIP Group BIGBANG ALIVE CONCERT IN MALAYSIA CHEERING PROJECT – FANCHANT & LYRICS LYRICS & ROMANIsATION Arranged by BB①st Malaysia Website : www.bigbang1st.com Facebook : www.facebook.com/BIGBANG1st.Malaysia Twitter : www.twitter.com/MsiaBB1st Youtube : www.youtube.com/MsiaBB1st Special thanks to ZhenZhen & Tracy & Migo 0. ENCORE (BIGBANG ALIVE CONCERT MALAYSIA) 3-4 1.UNTIL WHENEVER 5-9 2.TONIGHT 10-14 ...

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The pillars of the bigbang theory

 THe Pillars of the Big bang theory THE 3 PILLARS OF THE BIG BANG THEORY In the beginning there was nothing-no time to describe ‘when’ or no space to fill matter in. From this void sprung our universe when time and space came into existence as one entity. Despite its name the big bang theory isn’t really a theory about a bang at all. It is really only a theory about the aftermath of a bang (Allen Guth). The Big Bang theory is widely accepted by modern scientists, some however still...

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Nibco's Big Bang

NIBCO’s “Big Bang”: SAP Implementation In 1994, after a significant strategic planning effort took place, NIBCO Inc., decided to implement a plan to, “Go Live” with a new SAP program. (Brown, Dehayes, Hoffer, Martin & Perkins. 2012) The reasons behind NIBCO’s decision to implement and ERP System are those that are familiar to other companies who have made the same decision. One of the key conclusions from the strategic planning that led to the ERP implementation was that the organization...

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Gta Vice City Cheats

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Nibco's Erp Implementation

Management Support 12 4.2 Accurate Vision and Planning 12 4.3 Appropriate Usage of Consultants 13 4.4 Focus on Change Management 13 5. Nibco’s Change Management Approach 14 5.1 The Application of Kotter’s Change Management Process to Nibco 14 5.1.1 Establishing a Sense of Urgency 14 5.1.2 Forming a Powerful Guiding Coalition 14 5.1.3 Creating a Vision 15 5.1.4 Communicating the Vision 15 5.1.5 Empowering Others to Act on the Vision 15 5.1.6 Planning...

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