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Smoking: Childbirth and Greatest Problem

and diminishes the overall health. The main health effects that smoking can have on you is that it is the leading cause of cancer and death from cancer. There are eight types of cancer that a person can or will encounter if they smoke this includes lung, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach as well as cervix cancer. These are not the only types of cancer that smoking causes, there are many more. In addition smoking causes heart disease, strokes, and arotic aneurysm which is a balloon...

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[2] Tobacco is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally.[3] Tobacco use leads most commonly to diseases affecting the heart, liver and lungs, with smoking being a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis), and cancer (particularly lung cancer, cancers of the larynx and mouth, and pancreatic cancer). It also causes peripheral vascular disease and hypertension. The effects depend on the number...

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Why Running is the Best Sport Essay

of the arteries. As a person runs, his or her arteries expand and contract more than usual, keeping the arteries elastic and the blood pressure low. Running also helps maximize the lungs’ potential, as it keeps them strong and powerful. While deep breaths force the lungs to use more tissue, the 50% of normally unused lung potential is utilized. Finally, running strengthens the heart and helps prevent heart attacks. The large muscle exercise helps keep the cardio system efficient and strong. In fact...

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Nursing Diagnosis Ineffective breathing pattern related to decreased lung expansion secondary to accumulation of fluid in the pleuralcavity Nursing Plan Objectives : Patients able to maintain normal lung function Criterion Results : Rhythm, frequency and depth of breathing in the normal range, the chest X-ray examinations didnot find any accumulation of fluid, audible breath sounds. Plan of action :  Identify the causative factor.Rational: By identifying...

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Asbestos Informative Speech

can lead to serious lung and other diseases 1. Remember, it is estimated that 60-80% of buildings still contain asbestos. With that being said, if asbestos is undisturbed it is relatively safe. If it does become airborne, what we in the industry call “friable”, which means you can crumble it with hand pressure, and the fibers are inhaled or otherwise ingested, terminal lung diseases are a very real possibility. 2. Exposure to asbestos fibers causes three main types of lung disease. Mesothelioma...

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Health Hazards of Smoking

and irregular movement disorders, reduce locality resistance, and susceptible to infection. Lastly, Smoking can cause lung cancer. 90% of the total mortality is caused by smoking. Smoking ten cigarettes a day, ten times the prevalence of non-smokers. Smoking also causes emphysema, lung bronchial accumulation of toxic substances, will hinder the normal exhaled air inhaled, so lung cells to swell or burst, leading to the sick difficulty breathing. Why people want to smoke? First reason, curiosity...

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Respiratory System

beings, respiration takes place in the respiratory organs called lungs. The passage of air into the lungs to supply the body with oxygen is known as inhalation, and the passage of air out of the lungs to expel carbon dioxide is known as exhalation; this process is collectively called breathing or ventilation. In humans and other mammals, the anatomical features of the respiratory system include trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, lungs, and diaphragm. Molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide are passively...

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Cystic Fibrosis

that produce mucous secretions. Cystic fibrosis affects organs like the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, the pancreas and the liver. Cystic fibrosis can also affect the sweat glands and the male reproductive system. In cystic fibrosis, exocrine glands make thick, sticky mucus. Exocrine glands normally make thin slippery secretions like sweat, mucus, tears, saliva and digestive juices. The mucus plugs are most often in the lungs and intestines and can cause problems with breathing and digestion. ...

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Medical Language

then the combining form(s). pulmon/opulmon/omeans lung Word Part -logy pulmon/o- -logy -logy means the study of Word Part Meaning the study of lung Figure 4-1 ■ Respiratory system. The respiratory system consists of two main organs—the lungs—and other structures connected to the lungs. These form a pathway through which air flows into and out of the body. ISBN 1-256-09271-1 Suffix Combining Form Pulmonology: The study of the lungs (and related structures). Medical Language, Second...

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Long Live the Career Smoker

views as to what he thought causes lung cancer (if he really did think that tobacco companies play no part in the process): WILNER: As you sit here today, do you believe that cigarette smoke causes lung cancer in human beings? TUCKER: No, I don’t. WILNER: Do you believe that air pollution causes lung cancer in human beings? Tucker: No. WILNER: Do you believe that asbestos cause cancer in human beings? TUCKER: Definitely not. WILNER: What are the causes of lung cancer, in your opinion? TUCKER:...

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