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  • Microprocessor Based Ic Engines

    MICROPROCESSOR BASED IC ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM [pic] PRESENTED BY O.Vamsi Krishna(10381A1430) Btech-II Year‚Mechatronics Sri Kalahasteeswara Inst. of Technology. Email:vk4151@gmail.com ABSTRACT: A method and apparatus for controlling the various functions of an internal combustion engine using a program-controlled microprocessor having a memory pre-programmed with various control laws and associated control schedules receives information concerning one or more engine-operating parameters such

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  • Essay On Four Stroke Engine

    The four stroke engine includes various parts such as‚ intake‚ compression‚ combustion‚ and exhaust stroke. The term stroke is used to describe the full travel of the piston along the cylinder‚ in whichever direction. A four stroke engine is one of the most common engine types. It powers almost all trucks and cars today. Each one corresponds to one full stroke of the piston. All four of these parts help make the engine function as a whole. The first stroke is called the intake stroke the first stroke

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  • Pollution from Diesel Engines and Control

    POLLUTION FROM DIESEL ENGINES AND ITS CONTROL Diesel engines and gasoline engines are the most widely used primary sources of power in automobiles and the sheer number of them makes the issue of emissions from these engines an important one. Table 1 gives a comparison of the amounts of different pollutants in the exhaust of diesel and petrol engines. FORMATION OF NOX AND CONTROL METHODS: The main source of NOx in diesel engine emissions is the oxidation of the nitrogen in the air at the high temperatures

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  • Engine Repair Manual

    16–1 COOLING – WATER PUMP ASSY (1ZZ–FE/3ZZ–FE) WATER PUMP ASSY (1ZZ–FE/3ZZ–FE) 160AO–01 INSPECTION 1. (a) INSPECT WATER PUMP ASSY Visually check the drain hole for coolant leakage. Hole B10233 1ZZ–FE‚3ZZ–FE ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (RM923E) 14–38 ENGINE MECHANICAL – CYLINDER BLOCK (1ZZ–FE/3ZZ–FE) CYLINDER BLOCK (1ZZ–FE/3ZZ–FE) 140KO–01 COMPONENTS Compression Ring No.1 Compression Ring No.2 Oil Ring (Side Rail) Oil Ring (Expander) Piston z Snap Ring z Bush z Snap Ring Piston

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  • Analysis Of Event: 6 Stroke Engine

    STROKE ENGINE INTRODUCTION: Both two stroke and four stroke engine consumes more amount of fuel in which half of the energy goes waste as heat energy. Using SIX STROKE engine the heat energy is minimized to a greater extent by converting the heat energy into useful power stroke. ANALYSIS OF EVENT: EVENT 1: Pure air intake in the cylinder (dynamic event) 1) Intake valve. 2) Heating chamber valve. [pic] 3) Combustion chamber

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  • objective of the study of 6 stroke engine

    Six-stroke engine From Wikipedia‚ the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation‚ search The six-stroke engine is a type of internal combustion engine based on the four-stroke engine‚ but with additional complexity intended to make it more efficient and reduce emissions. Two types of six-stroke engine have been developed since the 1890s: In the first approach‚ the engine captures the heat lost from the four-stroke Otto cycle or Diesel cycle and uses it to power an additional power and exhaust stroke

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  • Stirling Engine

    Applied Science Research 12th Grade 10/21/07 Stirling Engine Brandon Risberg Abstract: This paper includes a historical overview of the Stirling engine. It also includes an overview of the mechanics of a Stirling engine‚ and the results of the author’s project to build a Stirling engine. Although this engine did not work‚ this paper includes ways to improve in future projects. History: The original Stirling engine was designed and developed by Reverend Dr Robert Stirling [1]‚ a fantastic engineer

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  • Part of Marine Diesel Engine

    Parts of the marine diesel engine Below is a cross-sectional view of a Sulzer Main Diesel Engine and the names of the component parts. The starting air valve is used to lead highly compressed air to push the piston for turning the engine when starting. In this 2-stroke engine‚ the air intake and exhaust are taken into the engine cylinder liner through scavenging ports and exhaust ports. The cylinder head covers the top of the cylinder and houses the starting air valve‚ fuel valve or injector

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  • Gasoline Engine Persuasive Essay

    global warming are the cars humans drive every‚ more specifically the engines that power them. Gasoline engines are a major problem because of the emissions they put into the atmosphere; however‚ electric engines and other alternatives may prove to be the future. Gasoline engines have been powerhouses literally and figuratively for a long time. Not only

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  • Air Driven Engine Project Report

    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION At first glance the idea of running an engine on air seems to be too good to be true. Actually‚ if we can make use of air as an aid for running an engine it is a fantastic idea. As we all know‚ air is all around us‚ it never runs out‚ it is non-polluting and it is free. An Air Driven Engine makes use of Compressed Air Technology for its operation. Compressed Air Technology is now widely preferred for research by different industries for developing different drives for different

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