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Initiation” essay Staying true to self or following the crowd were the two choices that Millicent had to make in the storyinitiation” by Sylvia Plath. Often times teenage girls long to be a part of a group or a club to feel a sense of acceptance. Millicent started off as a bashful girl who wanted to be a part of a sorority, and later had an epiphany and decided to reject the membership into the sorority. She declined membership into the sorority because she did not want to lose her best...

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Initiation or Incarceration: Hazing in Fraternities and Sororities

Initiation or Incarceration: Hazing in Fraternities and Sororities Frat boys and sorority girls, what do they do for society? They party all weekend, every weekend. None of them care about academics. They are elitist and snobby. They violate noise ordinances. They do not serve the community. They couldn’t possibly hold any value as individuals in our society, right? Wrong. Many people think of those who belong to the Greek system as the rich, preppy Caucasian students who get drunk and party...

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Intro to African Arts: Wooden Sowei Helmet Mask

masks. These masks were beautiful and compelling merely as works of art but they also had important cultural, ritualistic and historic significance. The Sowei masks were only worn by the most important and senior female tribe members during the initiation ceremony of young girls into adulthood. These masks were an essential and central part of the ceremony and it is believed that the “magic” of the ceremony resided in these masks. The specific and fine details of each mask may have varied in some...

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her, but then Rat Court would be all over and she would say what she had to say and go home” (Plath 1). Explanation 1 Millicent puts up with the hazing in order to be accepted. She realizes agreeing and not making a big deal out of these initiations will get her accepted into the “Magic Circle” after. After analyzing her situation while locked in the cellar, Millicent comes to the conclusion that she should not have to change herself in order to be accepted. Transition Sentence While Millicent’s...

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Hazing Essay for Law. This essay discusses the issues and concerns that all deal with initiation.

people are familiar with, but not everyone thinks of it in the same way. Hazing can be defined as "any act that endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student, or that destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for the continued membership in a group or organization." The issue of hazing can be controversial at times because some feel that it is nothing more than a way for a group to bond, but others...

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Information Technology Project Management Guidelines

be a need to change, make improvements, or create a new product or service. A process is a series of actions directed toward a particular result, or function controlled by the project management process groups. These groups concentrate on the initiation, monitoring, controlling and closing of all activities that relate to a specific project. Although there maybe distinctive project phases, all projects will include all five process groups * The initiating process defines and authorizes a project...

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Rels 2001 Midterm

knowledge/enlightenment instead of faith hierophany / theophany: appearance or manifestation of God Hindu Creation Stories: Hindu Cremation Ritual: Holocaust:400,000 Jewish killed in concentration camp Hopi rituals: Impermanence: Indra: Initiation: initiation rituals: insider/outsider: Irenaean theodicy: Irenaeus: Jesus: Job: John Hick:Christian theologian that argues that even God himself could not achieve certain results without allowing us to struggle against evil and endure suffering...

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anthro ritual paper

African cultures, the day a child is born is not observed as a special day. Instead, when African children reach a certain age, they are initiated into the community and this is when they learn the laws, beliefs, and customs of their tribes. These initiation ceremonies are celebrated for groups of children instead of individual children. The Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group of semi-nomadic people inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. There are several rites of passage accompanied by specific...

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Taboo Sociology Paper

Reyes, Maria November 21, 2011 SYG 2000 10 am Taboo: InitiationInitiation gives us a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves – but everyone has limits.” This quote sets the mood for the video we watched in class was about how kids from different parts of the world had to go through all these different types of initiation’s to be able to be considered an adult. Some things they had to experience made me cringe others made me believe why they didn’t just run away but that’s...

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The application of Group Socialisation to the case of ‘Marines under fire for ritual beating film’.

discuss the application of group socialisation, which describes the dynamic transition of non-members in and out of a group, particularly initiation rites, as outlined by Levine and Moreland (1994) to a newspaper article entitled ‘Marines under fire for ritual beating film’ (Norton-Taylor & Morris, 2005). The article focuses on a leaked video depicting an initiation ceremony of newly trained marines forced to fight naked and one being beaten unconscious. It also continues to outline previous claims...

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