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  • Being A Sorority Sister

    Being a sorority sister‚ there is a certain expectation of social interaction and personal development; you can’t hide away. You are required to participate in activities which gets you out there doing stuff you may never have pictured yourself doing before. These experiences help to enrich your communication skills and responsibility. As a sorority women you are presented with numerous opportunities to be a leader within your chapter. You can hold an officer position‚ leader positions and committee

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  • College Fraternities

    College Fraternities A fraternity‚ as defined by the The American Heritage Dictionary is "a chiefly social organization of male college students‚ usually designated by Greek letters."(pg. 523) This definition‚ however‚ is very limited and leaves plenty of space for short sighted people to believe the stereotype conveyed by the popular media‚ where fraternity members are depicted as drunks who accomplish nothing either scholastically or socially. Unfortunately‚ both this definition and media

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  • Rules of Being in a Sorority

    Final Draft The Rules of Being in a Sorority I am the sorority President of thy Executive Board‚ which decides who is fabulous enough to be accepted into our sisterhood family. Thou shalt have none other idols before me. Thou shalt always refer to the President of thy Executive Board as Princess. Thou shalt not ever disgrace thy sorority’s name; thou should always look presentable and resemble a plastic Barbie doll. Thou shalt be approved for a sorority checking account. The account must

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  • College Fraternities

    College Fraternities College fraternities have always struck me as being an organization of guys who spend their time drinking beer and having their "social gatherings" (parties). Just moving to Austin recently (which is by no doubt a "college city") has made me want to know more about the sole purpose of these fraternities. For these reasons I chose to select this culture for my essay. The definition of a fraternity is defined as " chiefly social organization of male college students

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  • Are Fraternities Really That Bad?

    CJ Lang Core 101-31 Are fraternities really that bad? When people think of fraternity members‚ they usually think of immature guys that just get together and party all the time. Well‚ not all the negative stereotypes of fraternity members are true‚ just like not everything you read on the internet is true. I believe that joining a fraternity is a very good thing to do and think it is something people should do while at college. People assume the stereotypes are true‚ because that may be all

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  • Fraternities and Rape on Campus

    Fraternities and Rape on Campus Author(s): Patricia Yancey Martin and Robert A. Hummer Reviewed work(s): Source: Gender and Society‚ Vol. 3‚ No. 4‚ Special Issue: Violence against Women (Dec.‚ 1989)‚ pp. 457-473 Published by: Sage Publications‚ Inc. Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/189763 . Accessed: 16/11/2011 12:10 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Use‚ available at . http://www.jstor.org/page/info/about/policies/terms.jsp JSTOR is a not-for-profit

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  • Analysis on Fraternities and Rape on Campus

    The first main sociological question in the "Fraternities and Rape on Campus" study performed by Patricia Yancey Martin and Robert A. Hummer was‚ "What characteristics do fraternities have that make them prone to objectification of women and more likely to commit gang rape on college campuses and why fraternities encourage the sexual coercion of women. According to Martin and Hummer (1989: 459)‚ "fraternities are vitally concerned – more than anything else – with masculinity (cf. Kanin 1967)."

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  • backround study for fraternities

    INTRODUCTION Context National Trends Fraternities and sororities are often seen as both detrimental and beneficial to college campuses. Some acknowledge the benefits of Greek organizations for both the individuals who participate in them and for the institution. A fraternity or sorority can provide a caring and supportive subcommunity where students develop interpersonal and leadership skills (Astin 1993)‚ make friends‚ learn how an organization works‚ develop a common cause‚ participate

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  • A social problem: Fraternities & Hazing

    some segment of the public perceive the condition as a problem‚ and it exists when there is certain objective condition and society define it problematic.” (Nasibov) An on-going social problem among universities across the country involves college fraternities and hazing. Hazing is an issue that consistently reemerges. A large percentage of hazing incidents result in serious injuries‚ or at times‚ death. Any event that causes death and despair so often when it could be prevented is a social problem.

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  • Hazing Issue in Fraternities

    Fraternities began establishing themselves at American colleges and universities in the early 19th century (Clay). Although unique‚ the principles upon which each Greek organization was founded are similar‚ including the pursuit of academic excellence‚ good citizenship‚ the development of leadership abilities among its members‚ and fellowship. These shared principles provide the foundation of the Greek system. Hazing attacks this foundation‚ challenging the very principles upon which the Greek

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