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Close Up

with the "halo - like" hat confirm his amish background. The use of medium angle camera shots and camera tracking ensures that the viewer explores the unfamiliar territory of the Philadelphia train station from Samuel's perspective. Close ups and extreme close ups of Samuels facial expressions convey the fascination and bewilderment as he is confronted with foreign objects such as the water bubbler but also allow the viewer to share the initial happiness (smiles) as he falsely thinks the Jewish...

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techniques, including close-up shots and mise-en-scene, to provide the scene with more meaning and affect the audience’s interpretation. By utilizing the filming techniques of close-up shots, a tracking shot, mise-en-scene, loudness, an eye-line match, and continuity editing, Hitchcock masterfully creates an atmosphere that adds to the suspense and intensity of the scene at hand. The first filming technique used by Hitchcock to add a suspenseful element to the scene is close-up shots. According to...

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Touching the Void

triumphs accomplished, all of which are prominent in journeys although may represent different obstacles. They are highlighted through the use of camera techniques such as close ups and sound techniques such as the music which all contribute to setting the mood and emphasizing different aspects of the journey. One of the close ups focuses on the ice axe which highlights its significance and identifies the possibility of a metaphorical meaning that relates to the object. The significance of the ice...

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Stand by Me Essay

The film stand by me (1986) directed by Rob Reiner is a famous and popular film and one which I have based my close scene study upon. The scene that I will be analysing during the course of the essay is the climax of the film which is evidently the scene where the dead body of Ray Brower is discovered. The film portrays many themes, some of which include mateship, trust, bravery, maturity, overcoming sorrow and friendship. To portray these themes noticeably, the film maker uses an assortment of...

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Film 200

that dark emotion that was so prevalent through their stories. It is for this reason that you see close-ups and extreme close-ups among other shots throughout these films; they allowed the audience to feel emotion, and see it through a certain point of view. In the final scene of American Me the close-up shot is indicative of Yolanda’s untold story. According to Rosa Frigroso, this was done to bring up the silent memory in connection with the Chicano lifestyle (insert citation). Words were not necessary...

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the characters as we now think that they like to be the centre of attention and like to have everything revolving around them, thus they are very selfish. This interpretation is supported by the use of an extreme close up on Marks muscles when he is in the gym. The extreme close up followed by a zoom out on to mark lifting weights is used to present Mark as a vain perfectionist who like is like the women and is shallow. This is presenting the idea that both men and women in Essex are equally both...

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Development in Personality of Chris Mccandlessinto the Wild by Sean Penn

Chris is graduating from college the director uses different techniques to contrast the formality of the occasion, which Chris disagrees to with his informal behaviour. The director uses a long shot of the students in their graduation uniform, and a close up shot of a lady perfecting student’s graduation hats. Both shots were done at a normal pace to set the formality of the occasion, also to show that everything for the occasion must be perfect. These two shots are contrasted with a fast paced, blurred...

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Chocolat Essay- Tolerance

within the community whom are isolated as well. Armand, a seventy-year old lady with diabetes, opened up to Vianne about her isolation and disassociation with her family, especially her grandson- Luke, due to conflicting personalities and views between her daughter, Caroline, and herself. The tension is evident between the mother and daughter when Luke is caught spending time with Armande. Close up shots of Armande's and Caroline's facial expressions demonstrated the hostility they held for each other...

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rabbit proof fence (letter)

and unused to the custom and rule of the institution (i.e. praying before eating). This is ironic because it contradicts with what a nun is supposed to value, which is tolerance, love, care and nurture. In contrast to the nun’s facial expression, a close up of Daisy’s facial expression shows humiliation, fear and submission. Her eyes won’t leave the table and a high angle shot is used on Daisy’s lack of power, after she was scolded for using her traditional language. Next, Molly and her sisters are...

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Textual Analysis

to show Somerset’s morning routine, step-by-step the audience are taken through his routine. With a number of close ups and medium close up’s used Somerset is signified as an elder, professional and wise man, who the audience are able to connect with more through the use of close up’s. A close-up on Somerset’s badge and gear are in a straight parallel line to the order which he picks them up, this suggests that he has been doing this for a while and is used to the routine. The opening then quickly...

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