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1. Who is the first-person narrator in Chapter One of the novel?

A. Bernard V. O’Hare

B. Kurt Vonnegut

C. Billy Pilgrim

2. Which author does Vonnegut quote as having said, “No art is possible without a dance with death”?

A. Louis-Ferdinand Céline

B. Theodore Roethke

C. George Orwell

3. What is Billy Pilgrim’s hometown?

A. Ilium

B. Ithaca

C. Indianapolis

4. According to Billy Pilgrim, how many dimensions can the Tralfamadorians see?

A. Three

B. Four

C. An infinite number

5. What name does Roland Weary apply to himself and the two American scouts?

A. The Three Wise Men

B. Three Blind Mice

C. The Three Musketeers

6. What is Billy’s civilian profession?

A. Dentistry

B. Optometry

C. Journalism

7. What prayer hangs in Billy’s office?

A. The Lord’s Prayer

B. The Serenity Prayer

C. The Hail Mary

8. While on Tralfamadore, where does Billy stay?

A. in a zoo

B. in a fancy house

C. on a boat

9. To what does the novel’s title, Slaughterhouse-Five, refer?

A. It is the name of the place where Billy’s father, a butcher, works

B. It is where Billy and the other prisoners of war are kept in Dresden

C. It is not a literal place; it is a metaphorical reference to war

10. Who arranges to have Billy killed in 1976?

A. Edgar Derby

B. The Tralfamadorans

C. Paul Lazzarro

11. Vonnegut describes his novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, as “short and jumbled and jangled.” Why does he say this is so?

A. Because he thinks he is a bad writer

B. Because there is nothing “intelligent” to be said about massacres

C. Because short...

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