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1. What is Roderigo’s interest in Desdemona?

a) He wants to woo her.

b) She owes him money.

c) He wishes to be a senator and wants her to recommend him to her father.

d) She has written a love letter that has accidentally been given to him.

2. Why does the Duke summon a council in the middle of the night?

a) He has heard of Othello’s elopement with Desdemona and wants to address it.

b) There is news that the Turks are going to attack Cyprus.

c) He has had a bad dream and wishes to consult the senate as to its meaning.

d) Iago has sent him a letter stating that Othello is unfit to be general.

3. Why is Brabantio unhappy?

a) He does not like being woken in the middle of the night.

b) He does not care what happens to Cyprus.

c) His daughter has married the Moor without his consent.

d) His wife is dead.

4. Where does Desdemona suggest she stay while Othello goes to Cyprus?

a) With her father

b) With the Duke

c) In a priory in Venice

d) With Othello in Cyprus

5. What does Roderigo want to do at the end of Act 1?

a) Kill Iago

b) Kill the Duke

c) Drown himself

d) Move to England

6. Who is the first notable Venetian to land at Cyprus?

a) Othello

b) Iago

c) Desdemona

d) Cassio

7. What has happened to the Turkish fleet?

a) It has returned to the East.

b) It has been destroyed by the tempest.

c) Othello’s soldiers have vanquished it at sea.

d) It has decided to attack Greece instead.

8. What is the reason that Cassio becomes drunk?

a) He is having so much fun that he does not want to stop drinking.

b) He toasts to Othello’s health one too...

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