One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


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1. Who is the narrator of the novel?

a. Washington, an orderly

b. Randle McMurphy

c. Chief Bromden

2. What physical characteristic does Nurse Ratched wish she could conceal?

a. Her large breasts

b. The birthmark on her face

c. Her striking red hair

3. Why does Chief hide in the mop closet at the beginning of the novel?

a. Nurse Ratched has ordered that he be given electroshock treatment

b. Nurse Ratched has instructed the orderlies to shave him

c. He is afraid of one of the other patients

4. What kind of hat does McMurphy wear when he first appears on the ward?

a. a fedora

b. a motorcycle hat

c. an Army hat

5. How are the two main types of patients on the ward classified?

a. Walkers and Vegetables

b. Chronics and Autistics

c. Acutes and Chronics

6. Which of the patients has a severe stutter?

a. Billy Bibbit

b. Harding

c. Cheswick

7. What substance does Chief often hallucinate as filling the ward?

a. Fog

b. Snow

c. Rain

8. What is the main topic of the first Group Meeting?

a. Billy’s relationship with his mother

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