A Midsummer Night's Dream


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1. What event is Theseus preparing for at the beginning of the play?

a. He is preparing to go to war over the Amazon queen, Hippolyta

b. He is preparing for his wedding to Hippolyta

c. He is preparing for his wedding to Helena

2. Whom does Hermia’s father want her to marry?

a. Demetrius

b. Lysander

c. Theseus

3. Which of the amateur actors volunteers to play almost every role in “Pyramus and Thisby”?

a. Bottom

b. Quince

c. Flute

4. What is the subject of Oberon’s disagreement with Titania?

a. Titania wants Oberon to banish Puck for causing mischief

b. Titania has fallen in love with a mortal and wants to leave Oberon

c. Oberon wants custody of a mortal boy whom Titania is raising

5. How does Demetrius learn of Hermia’s plan to elope with Lysander?

a. Hermia’s father tells him

b. Puck tells him

c. Helena tells him

6. What does Demetrius threaten to do if Helena will not stop following him in the woods?

a. He threatens to have her captured by evil fairies

b. He threatens to hit her

c. He threatens to break off their engagement

7. What is the source of the love potion that, when placed on the eyes of a sleeper, causes her to fall in love with the first creature she sees upon waking?

a. Oberon concocts it from a mixture of plants

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