To Kill a Mockingbird


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1. At the end of the novel, what age is Scout?

a. 11

b. 7

c. 8

d. 13

2. How does the jury vote in the trial of Tom Robinson?

a. Mistrial

b. Innocent

c. Hung Jury

d. Guilty

3. Who loses a house to a fire in Maycomb?

a. Miss Maudie

b. Aunt Alexandra

c. Atticus

d. Mr. Underwood

4. Who decides that Bob Ewell died by accident?

a. Scout

b. Heck Tate

c. Atticus

d. Boo Radley

5. What is "Boo" Radley's real first name?

a. Robert

b. John

c. Richard

d. Arthur

6. Who edits the newspaper?

a. Atticus

b. Mr. Raymond

c. Mr. Underwood

d. Heck Tate

7. What is the first present found in the knothole?

a. Flashlight

b. Chewing gum

c. Picture

d. Locket

8. What is Mr. Raymond really drinking?

a. Coca-Cola

b. Water

c. Lemonade

d. Beer

9. Who was the person who originally founded Finch's Landing?

a. Uncle Jack

b. Atticus

c. Aunt Alexandra

d. Simon Finch

10. What is the reason behind Atticus' admiration of Mrs. Dubose?

a. Her beauty

b. Her confederate heritage

c. Her courage

d. Her commitment to equality between the races.

11. Where did Scout's teacher learn her techniques?

a. A magazine

b. College

c. Experience

d. Other teachers

12. Who is the US President during the story's time period?

a. Franklin D. Roosevelt

b. John F. Kennedy

c. Theodore...

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