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1. Who is the last person to see Christopher McCandless alive?

a. Gaylord Stuckey

b. Wayne Westerberg

c. Jim Gallien

2. Who is first to come across the bus in which McCandless has died?

a. The Anchorage couple

b. Thompson, Samel, and Swanson

c. Butch Killian

3. For how long did McCandless manage to survive in the Alaskan bush?

a. Less than a month

b. Almost a year

c. More than three months

4. For what crime is Wayne Westerberg incarcerated in October 1990?

a. Armed robbery

b. Satellite piracy

c. Dealing drugs

5. Which character from War and Peace does McCandless want Westerberg to pay attention to?

a. Natasha

b. Andrei

c. Pierre

6. What type of car does McCandless abandon in the Nevada desert?

a. A Volkswagen

b. A Datsun

c. He doesn’t; he abandons a bicycle

7. In which city does McCandless work for two months at a McDonald’s?

a. Bullhead City, Arizona

b. Fairbanks, Alaska

c. Carthage, South Dakota

8. Which elderly man loses his faith in God after hearing of McCandless’s death?

a. Westerberg

b. Franz

c. Charlie

9. Which member of his family does McCandless appear to trust the...

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