The Grapes of Wrath


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1. Who gives Tom Joad a ride down the highway after he gets out of prison?

          A. Jim Casy

          B. A truck driver

          C. A café owner

2. Why has Jim Casy given up preaching?

          A. He no longer cares about helping people

          B. He has too many questions about the nature of sin

          C. He got a young woman pregnant

3. Which character suffers constant guilt because he inadvertently allowed his young wife to die?

          A. Uncle John

          B. Tom Joad

          C. Grampa

4. What does Connie tell Rose of Sharon he intends to do once the family reaches California?

          A. Abandon the family and find a new wife

          B. Continue to be a farmer

          C. Work in a shop and study

5. At which encampment are the Joads treated with the most respect?

          A. Hooverville

          B. The boxcar camp

          C. The government camp

6. Which of the following characters is arrested for knocking out a police deputy?

          A. Tom Joad

          B. Jim Casy

          C. Floyd Knowles


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