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Topics: Psychology, Thought, Mind Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Shannon Ciuk Honors 100-01April 29, 2011
Q&A #10
The article The Human Mind and Human Art by Trevor Pateman was the most interesting to me. The reason being I am a psychology major and he made a number of references to psychology studies…it even sounded like a psychology paper. The psychologist that stuck out the most to me was Chomsky. A reason for this may be the fact that we recently just covered his work in my developmental psychology class. I found it very interesting that the author, Paterman, could relate Chomsky’s work on language development to art….I never would have made this connection.

I also found it interesting that all of the articles mainly focused on drawings and painting as forms of expression. I myself am a dancer and I think dance falls under the category of arts. I find it very helpful in expressing myself; it is a great way to relieve your feelings. Especially when you get into different types of dance. Personally I take hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. For me hip-hop is a good expression of being happy and energetic or it could be used for the complete opposite, anger. Jazz could be used for a variety of expressions including happiness, anger and sadness. Ballet again I think can be used for a variety of emotions, but usually it is to soft music.

1. How do you think human life would be different if we didn’t have art….no paintings/drawings, no TV, no music…just plain black and white?? 2. How do you use art to express yourself??
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