X-Rays and Pregnancy

Topics: Teeth, Deciduous teeth, Permanent teeth Pages: 4 (601 words) Published: February 10, 2011
When a tooth emerges from the gum tissue it is called eruption. This normally

happens at the age of 6 months. In most cases the first teeth to erupt are the mandibular

central incisors (lower), then the maxillary central incisors (upper) this usually happens

at the ages of 6 months to 12 months. The anterior portion of the mouth is the first to

erupt, then the posterior follows. Sometimes infants are born with teeth, these are called

neonatal tooth, in some cases the these are lost soon after birth. Tooth development

normally starts in the 3rd to 6th months of pregnancy.

When teeth erupt they normally come in pairs, such as the central incisors come in

together, the laterals, etc.. By the age of 2 ½ all 20 baby teeth should have erupted. The

last teeth to erupt in children are the maxillary second molars (top two molars). The

primary teeth will stay in the mouth until the age of 5-6 years of age. During this time

children’s jaws and facial bones grow, making space between their teeth. This is normal,

as this is the process for the mouth to make room for the permanent teeth.

When a baby is teething there are many signs, irritation of the mouth, chewing

on toys or fingers, increase of saliva, inflamed gums, loss of appetite, and redness of the

cheek where the tooth is erupting. The baby should not have a fever, vomiting or

diarrhea when teething, if this is the case then there is a problem to seek medical

attention. There are many ways to relieve the pain when teething or eruption starts.

you can massage the gums, use over the counter topical creams (Orajel), allow the

baby to suck on a cool wash cloth.

When the primary teeth erupt, usually every 6 months 4 teeth should erupt. So by

the age of 12 months the child should have 8 teeth . As these teeth are only in the mouth

for a short period of time. As they are reserving space for the permanent teeth. It is wise

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