Wordsworth as Poet of Nature

Topics: William Wordsworth, Poetry, Lyrical Ballads Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Discuss Wordsworth as a poet of Nature.
Wordsworth’s attitude to Nature underwent a progressive evolution—from ‘the coarser pleasures’ of the boyish days to an unreflecting passion untouched by intellectual interests or association to the transitory stage of human heartedness accompanied by a lasting and more significant stage of spiritual and mystical interpretation of Nature. This last stage has been termed as Pantheism and Warwick James says, “At this stage the foundation of Wordsworth’s entire existence was his mode of seeing God in Nature and Nature in God.” In 'Tintern Abbey' Wordsworth sees 'Nature' as a place of permanence - and therefore a shelter and retreat from the stresses and confusions of urban life in the Industrial Age.  Wordsworth usually sees 'Nature' as a place of calm and safety. Coleridge, and later Tennyson, had a much more ambiguous address to it.He sees 'Nature' as guardian, nurse ,teacher and also a source to modify man's behaviour.Wworth considers 'Nature' a great healer as well because its the source of relaxation,peace and solace for man in hours of weariness and distress. Wordsworth’s passion for Nature is well-known. The ordinary sights and sounds of Nature usually ignored by us bring to the poet’s imagination a wealth of beauty and bliss. Nature, according to Wordsworth, is a living entity. This belief distinguishes Wordsworth from other poets of Nature. Unlike other poets of Nature, he believes that Nature is endowed with life and consciousness and has the capacity of thinking, feeling and willing. What are their feelings? According to Wordsworth, entire nature is permeated by the feelings of joy and happiness, harmony and peace. The flowers enjoy the air they breathe, the waves and the daffodils dance together in glee and the sea bares her bosom to the moon in the ecstasy of her love. And there are no strifes, no cares and worries, no jealousy and hatred to disturb the peace and harmony, reigning in the heart of Nature. On the...
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