What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Topics: Leonardo DiCaprio, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Lasse Hallström Pages: 5 (1143 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Film: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993)
Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Cast: Gilbert Grape- Johnny Depp
Arnie Grape- Leonardo Di Caprio
Becky- Juliette Lewis
Amy Grape- Laura Harrington
Betty Carver- Mary Steenburgen
Key Ideas: -Disadvantages -Change -Expectations -Family -Roles in Society -Judgements -Love -Beauty -Acceptance -Responsibilities -Challenges
Key Themes: -The different aspects of individuals views on change -Overcoming advertises
-High expectations placed upon individuals -Breaking stereotypes
-Sensitivity towards difference
-Family strength and bonding
-Courage in the face of difficulties -Society’s expectations of individuals -Idea of change in Endora
Film Techniques: -Mid-shot
-Establishment/Long shot
-Close-up shot
-Mise en Scene
-Cut shots
Film Techniques Definitions: -Mise en Scene: Mise en scene refers to all the objects and characters in a particular frame. More specifically, it refers to the composition of the frame. When you use the term mise en scene, you are discussing where the composer or director has placed all the elements of the scene within the frame. -Mid shot: contains the characters or a character from the waist up. From this shot, viewers can see the characters' faces more clearly as well as their interaction with other characters. This is also known as a social shot -Close-up: contains just one character's face. This enables viewers to understand the actor's emotions and also allows them to feel empathy for the character. This is also known as a personal shot. Character Profiles:

Gilbert: The protagonist of the fi lm, Gilbert works as a stock clerk at Lamson’s Grocery, the local grocery store, which has become unpopular since a large chain store (Foodland) opened nearby. He acts as the male head of his family as his father is dead. He is also the main caregiver for Arnie, his younger brother, who is unable to care for himself as he is developmentally disabled. Gilbert loves Arnie deeply but has mixed feelings about having to care for him constantly. Gilbert has an affair with a married woman, Betty Carver, but seems unenthusiastic about it. He is often frustrated and negative in his thinking, but is generally patient and kind in his actions, especially when dealing with Arnie. There are, however, times when he becomes extremely frustrated, even hitting Arnie at one point. When he falls in love with Becky, a new girl in town, the experience stirs up intense emotions, both negative and positive. He is an emotionally complex character, struggling with issues around duty and identity.

Memorable Quotes:

Becky: Becky and her grandmother arrive in town when the car towing their camper breaks down. Gilbert becomes romantically interested in her and she reciprocates, although Gilbert’s responsibility for caring for Arnie sometimes interferes with their romance. Becky is kind and freespirited, friendly and patient with Arnie and often encourages Gilbert to think about what he wants and to pursue his own happiness. She has apparently had a similarly positive effect on her grandmother, who (prior to living with Becky in the camper) had travelled very...
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