Traditional Media

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Week 7 Traditional Media Chapter 11

Lecture Objectives
• Understand the role of media planning within the advertising

• Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using the

following media within an advertising campaign as well as understanding how they are measured for effectiveness • Television • Radio • Cinema • Print • Outdoor • Product placement

One-way Communication Model

Two-way Interactive Communication Model

This is how Australians use media…
Free to Air TV remains a powerful medium 60% Australians multitask while watching TV (emailing, online surfing, social networking) More TV is being watched via smartphones and tablets 52% of Australians have smart phones 80% do something else while using their smartphones Newspapers remain influential sources of information The Australian Women’s Weekly (a monthly publication) has a readership of over 2 million (fpfc ad costs $35,000)

New Media Models The Power of Earned Media

Developing a Media Plan

Getting the right message To the right people At the right time At the right price

Right people
• Who is your target audience? • What media are they consuming?

• When will they be most receptive to your

message? • What is the most efficient way to get your message to them?

Creative Media Planning
• Multimedia campaigns • Need to understand media approach before a creative approach

can be developed
• Media is more than a delivery system but rather a way of

connecting with consumers
• Finding the contact point where the consumer will welcome (and

are receptive to) a message

Driving forces shaping the future of media
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

An insatiable media appetite Fragmentation Participation / user generated content Personalisation Generational change Avoidance of advertising messages

Key Media terms
• Reach is an estimate of the percent of the target

audience who have the opportunity to see your advertising message at least one time • Frequency is the exposure of the target audience to the

advertising message
• Continuity deals with the issue of how often you are


Traditional media
Advertising in
• • •

Television Radio Cinema

• •

Magazines Outdoor


Television Advertising
• Advertising is embedded in programming • Film is used to create commercials because it

works like a movie telling a story, engaging emotions, creating fantasies and can have a high visual impact • The film format creates a brand image and personality better than other media

Television Advertising
• Spots
• Advertisers pay for 15, 30 or 60 seconds of commercial

time during a program/s • Large advertisers and agencies plan TV ads many months ahead • The approach provides flexibility in market coverage, target audiences, scheduling and budgeting. • The large advertisers buy up the best spots • Cost is a function of the rating for the surrounding program

Television Advertising
Program Sponsorship • The advertiser assumes part or all of the cost in producing the program, provides accompanying commercials and sometimes places products • Biggest loser • Masterchef • Australia’s next top model

Audience measurement
OzTAM – Metro television

AGB Nielsen Media Research – Regional areas and subscription

Top Aussie ads


The Challenge of Digital Video Recorders
• DVRs and PVRs will affect programming and

the way people watch TV • They can be set to program our commercials as the show is recorded which makes advert exposure measurement difficult • This poses new challenges for advertisers

• Advantages • Pervasiveness
• Impact

Television Advertising

• Cost efficiency • Disadvantages • Production costs

• Media placement costs
• Clutter • Wasted reach • Inflexibility •...
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