Earthspite Develop Media Plan Task3

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’Earthspite product launch’
Media Plan
Period: January 1 – June 30 2011

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Aomruthai JAINGAM
Develop a media plan


Business Description1
Vision for the future1
Business Goals/ Mission2
Main Objectives2
Marketing Analysis4
Customer Analysis5
Product benefits and unique selling position7
Health conscious/ Eco conscious7
Competitive analysis7
Advertising strategies and media mix9
Media vehicles to reach target audiences12
Creative and communications considerations13
Marketing schedule14

Business Description
Eywa is an Australian-owned company which produces natural chemical-free skin and body care products containing only organic ingredients, selected for their miraculous skin rejuvenating properties. These ingredients are derived from over 70 different plant and flower species including a few rare plants found in the Amazon rainforest. Eywa is about to launch its new Earthsprite skin care range. Earthsprite products are 100% natural, effective, affordable and innovative. All of the Earthsprite products contain tamanu oil, a completely natural skin healing agent, which comes from the tamanu tree, indigenous to various parts of Southeast Asia. Eywa believes nature provides us with everything we need to look and feel beautiful and healthy. Nature looks after us so we should look after nature. Eywa products contain ingredients from plants which are grown organically and ethically and are highly effective.

Vision for the future
1. Create brand awareness for new product “Earthsprite” 2. Create the awareness of alternative 100% premium natural skincare at affordable price. 3. Becoming well known worldwide for premium quality skincare and continuous researching and developing non chemical product with innovative. We aim to provide Australian and foreign consumers with the highest quality skincare on the market while promoting sustainable behavior and reducing our ecological footprint. 4. Gain lager sales with a project growth rate 10% p.a.

5. Create perception from customers to be as an excellent value for money and more reasonably priced than their competitors’ products.

Business Goals/ Mission
Eywa is committed to becoming the leader in the Australian market for premium natural skin care product and maintaining a company culture which fosters and encourages continuous improvement. Eywa mission is to produce and provide customers with highest quality natural product on the market with fairy trade to both local and foreign suppliers as the company’s premise.

Main Objectives
Business Objective:
1. To increase revenue from launching new product “Earthspite” within few years. 2. To become the natural skin care product market leader within 5 years. 3. To become established as the national retailer of choice for skin care product within the next 3 years. Marketing Objectives:

1. To increase brand awareness for the Earthsprite products. 2. To differentiate the brand from its competitors.
3. To expand marketing reach.
4. To increase the number of audiences by 10% on online channel such as Facebook and company’s website. 5. To establish the brand as Austrlia’s most expected natural skin care provider. Advertising objectives:

1. To expand more customer target within 6 months of advertising period. 2. To achieve 700 thousand hits on the Eywa’s Earthsprite product launch after the end of its campaign. 3. To increase brand awareness for Earthsprite products by 10% amongst the target audience in 6 months. 4. To position the Eathsprite products as the only high-quality, 100% natural, highly beneficial skin care with reasonably priced. 5. To inform Earthsprite product to customers.

6. To persuade main competitors’ customers to switch brand...
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