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Main products imported into the UK include telecommunication appliances, general industrial and power generating machinery and road vehicles, while medicinal and pharmaceutical products, IT and electrical components and various machinery products provide the bulk of UK export to Hungary. Hungary and the U.K. enjoy friendly relations.

Hungary has an embassy in London and 3 honorary consulates (in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Liverpool). The United Kingdom has an embassy in Budapest.
Both countries are full members of NATO and of the European Union. See also Hungarian migration to the United Kingdom.
British Foreign and Commonwealth Office about the relation with Hungary: There is a healthy trade and investment relationship and British tourists frequently visit. Hungarians work and study in the UK, but not in anything like the numbers of other Central European countries.  The UK and Hungarian governments discuss a wide range of issues - from EU Justice and Home Affairs policy, agriculture, climate change and energy, to foreign policy issues such as EU enlargement, Russia and developments in the Balkans. England’s most common exported commodities are:

Manufactured goods
England’s imports are dominated by the following commodities: Manufactured goods
Australia has an embassy in Budapest.
Hungary has an embassy in Canberra.
Hungary and Australia enjoy friendly, co-operative relations with strong people to people links flowing from the large numbers of Hungarians who migrated to Australia in the twentieth century, especially following the 1956 Uprising against the Soviet occupation of Hungary. Since Hungary's EU accession in 2004, increasing numbers of Australian businesses have been exploring Hungary's potential as a base for operations in the EU, and especially in the Central/Eastern European region. Several Australian companies are active in the energy sector in Hungary,...
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