The Role of the Church During the Middle Ages

Topics: Pope, Bishop, Middle Ages Pages: 3 (617 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The role of the Church in the Middle Ages

1. The role the Church played and why it was given this role:

As Medieval Europe experienced a lack of a strong, central government, the feudal system provided some political stability. The Church also provided stability during the middle ages, and appealed to every social class. Lords and Ladies would often pay large amounts of money to the Church, so it was very wealthy.

2. The order of command in the Church:

Clergy: Religious officials. The members of the Clergy could usually read and write, as oppose to the peasants of the time, who most usually could not. All of the Clergy were under the authority of the Pope. Pope: The pope was the head of the Catholic Church.

Bishops: The Bishops supervised Local parish priests.
Local priests: The local parish priests had the most influence on people as he had more contact with the people of his area.

3. How the Church brought the community together and why:

The Church was a stable force that helped unify Europe. It provided a sense of security and a community. The Church was able to bring people together, and large crowds gathered to celebrate religious holidays. The Church controlled the people of medieval Europe with fear, as it was the people’s belief that God would reward them with everlasting life in heaven if they did what he wanted, but if they did not, they would be sent to hell, where they would suffer for all eternity. Religion played a very big role in the lives of most Europeans, and it was believed that in order to achieve everlasting life, they had to participate in the sacraments.

4. The 7 sacraments:
~Holy Orders
~Last rights / Anointing of the sick

5. Church Justice:

The Catholic Church provided a unifying set of spiritual beliefs, ceremonies and rituals. Canon law is the official law of the Catholic Church. Excommunication: Banishment from the Church. It was a very...
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