The Role and Responsibilities of a Team Leader

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Team Leader Reflective Review

The role and responsibilities of a Team Leader

In businesses it is becoming the norm to have multiple people working collaboratively together on different areas of a project. In these teams, it is always important to have a team leader to guide and motivate. Team leaders can clearly be defined using John Adairs situational leadership model. This theory states that every team is made up of three main elements: Task, Team and Individual. When a team begins working on a specific project the team leader is required to focus on the goals of the team, what resources are needed to achieve these goals and any deadlines that can be set to monitor progress (task). In considering this, it is important to look to your team member’s strengths in order to focus on how the tasks will be divided amongst the team, how often the team meet and how they will measure success (team).   In addition, it is the obligation of a team leader to ensure that individuals are working to their full potential, so that they are communicating and engaging with one another where necessary. An example of this could be health and safety or compliance protocols the members need to adhere to (individual).   The above relates to my role directly as I am responsible for encouraging the team to not only utilise all the systems available to them to their full potential, but also to play on their particular strengths to complete the job to the highest standard, including ways of being more productive and driving down inefficiency.  I lead and coach the team with a newly implemented system and provide continuous training as this system is updated every month. I have built a trust network with my team so they will always be honest throughout the day with me as to why certain jobs may not be done.

The responsibilities of a team leader can also be divided further from the three elements evaluated above to co-ordinator, facilitator and coach. Co-ordinator focuses on the task to be done; this includes but is not limited to the planning of works, communicating, setting timescales and ensuring the correct equipment for the job is available.  Being a Facilitator concentrates on keeping the team on track whilst motivating and encouraging a high level of team spirit.  This has to be maintained by ensuring composure and a certain amount of discipline.   As the coach a team leader would be supporting individual needs and utilising the team to function as a unit by developing each person, whilst assessing and identifying where they have difficulties and providing strong feedback to them.  I always try to keep the team on track by ensuring that all team members know what they should be doing during the day.  I ensure I come to work with a positive outlook on that day and this is reflected in the way the team works. This also maintains discipline in the team by ensuring members are not late.

Limitations and accountability of a team leader are extremely important to understand because it can result in problems for both the Manager and team leader. If either of these are misinterpreted it could cost the company money, one may overstep their authority or consequently fail to exercise the authority they have been given by their Manager. I am accountable for the allocation of work to team members and ensuring they understand what is being asked of them. The running of reports is critical to the role as it helps the other team members understand if they missed something from the previous day and helps the Manager understand what the productivity of the team on any given day is.

I would need to refer serious disciplinary problems or gross misconduct to the Manager. I would be able to investigate whether there was a case for disciplinary before reporting it to the Manager. Serious problems may include fighting; discrimination or harassment; theft, fraud or other criminal behaviour; serious breaches of safety or environmental protection, rules...
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