The Purpose of Human Life on Earth

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All men came to a specific point in live where they started questioning themselves, “Why am I here? Where from, and where to" The sad news is that many people grew up and died and still never have any answer to these questions. The purpose of human life on earth has been a controversial issue among religions. At the cause of this research; I came across about 15 well known religions practically on earth, though there might be some good number of hidden ones, and each of these have different views and perspective on mankind purpose on earth.

Each religion have their own Holly scripture which sets up the rules, beliefs, doctrine, norms, and ethical culture, and that gave them a different views on the existence of mankind here on earth. In this essay, I will be highlighting few religions, giving a short explanation on what they believe to be the purpose of human life on earth. Similarly I will refer the ideas of philosophy or sociology and that of mine on what is thought to be the purpose of human life on earth.


The purpose of human life on earth according to Hinduism:
Hindus believed that human purpose on earth is associated with these four phrases namely; Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

In accordance with Hinduism believes, Dharma stands for righteousness, or living a moral life at all times. Dharma believes in many things such as law, teaching and religion which enable one to fulfill his/her purpose of life and destiny. In Dharma, it was believed that human being is indebted to god and must repay his debt during life time. These debts are categorized into five;

A. Debt to the gods for their blessings; which is paid through rituals and offerings. B. Debt to parents and teachers; paid by supporting them, having children of one's own and passing along knowledge. C. Debt to guests; repaid by treating them as if they were gods visiting one's home. D. Debt to other human beings; repaid by treating them with respect. E. Debt to all other living beings; repaid by offering good will, food or any other help that is appropriate.

Signifies prosperous or success, the vital objective of Hinduism is light, human pursuit of wealth and prosperity is regarded as basic pursuit for every householder. It also ensures social order, for there would be no society if everyone enunciates worldly life to meditate. But while Hindus are encouraged to make money, it must be within the bounds of dharma.

This is use to express human quest for romantic love and sexual pleasure, though it can refer to desire in general. Like artha, kama is seen as an appropriate pursuit of the householder. The Kama Sutra, a manual for erotic and other human pleasures.

The ultimate end of every Hindu's life is moksha, which can be understood in a variety of ways: liberation from rebirth, enlightenment, Self-realization, or union with God. This is considered to be the highest purpose of life, although very few can achieve it in a single lifetime and there are a variety of paths to attain it.

The purpose of human life on earth according to Christianity: In Christendom today, there are different types of Christianity and worshipers with different belief and Bible translation. Each of them have different doctrine, beliefs and norms, the purpose of human life on earth varies accordingly to Christianity and these have a positive or negative reflection and the meaning and understanding of the purpose of human life on earth.

According to the words of God from new king James Holy bible in Genesis chapter 1Verses 27 and 28 continue: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish...
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