World Religion

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CHAPTER 1-Understanding Religion

(Pages 1-29)

Group A

1.What are some of the questions religion seek to answer? List some of the human needs served by religion? 2.Discuss a theory on origins of religion by one of the thinkers in the reading (Tylor, Frazer, Freud, James, Otto or Jung) that makes sense to you at the present time. 3.List and describe the eight elements that are developed in varying degrees in most religions? 4.Define what is meant by sacred in religion and give some examples of how sacred is understood? 5.Offer some examples of religious symbols and discuss their meaning.

Group B

1.Discuss the goal of studying religion in the historical and comparative sense 2.Identify and describe the First Pattern of religion which deals with sacramental, prophetic, and mystical orientation. Explain how all three orientations might be found in the same religious tradition. 3.As described in the Second Pattern of religion discuss briefly the ways one can view the world and life. 4.Discuss some of the questions raised by the Third Pattern of religion as religion interprets male and female roles?

Group C

1.Discuss the approaches of at least three disciplines to religion (psychology, mythology, theology, the arts, anthropology or comparative religion). 2.Describe the shifting approaches and concerns in the evolution of comparative religious study. 3.The author offers ten examples of the pleasure and rewards of the study of religions. Which ones appeal to you now and why? 4.What are some of the benefits in going beyond just studying books to learn about religion?

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(Pages 35-45)

Group A

1.Where are some places where indigenous religions are located? What accounts for the extensive variety found in these religions?

2.List some of the reasons for lack of attention by scholars toward indigenous religions.

3.What are some of the ways indigenous religions have expressed themselves artistically?

4.Explain the “ethic of restraint” regarding nature that is frequently found in native religions.

Group B

1.Describe some of the factors that have contributed to the modern study of indigenous religions?

2.Why are human relationships with nature crucial for tribal and small-scale cultures?

3.Explain key features of the animistic worldview.

4.What is sacred space and what is its relationship to the center?

Group C

1.Define sacred time in indigenous religions and give an example.

2.What is sacred space and what is its relationship to the center?

3.What is the purpose of origin stories and how are they expressed?

4.Describe concepts of a High God and lesser deities in indigenous religions.

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(Pages 46-69)
Group A

1.Why are gods and ancestors important?

2.What concepts of an afterlife are found in indigenous religions?

3.What is the purpose of ritual in indigenous religions?

4.Define “rites of passage” ceremonies and offer examples of key times in the life cycle when they occur.

Group B

1.List several taboos that regulate social behavior, both in indigenous religions and in modern society.

2.What features form the essence of the shamanic mission?

3.Describe some of the roles a shaman occupies in a tribal society.

4.Explain the role and purpose of sympathetic magic and divination in native African religions and their Caribbean offshoots.

Group C

1.How do indigenous religions view art objects differently than modern secular culture views them?

2.Discuss the roles of dance, chants, masks, and carvings within indigenous religions.

3.Discuss the origins and elements of indigenous religions found in Halloween, Christmas, or Easter....
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