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Topics: Public relations, Mass media, Propaganda Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: March 12, 2014
The portrayal of the mass media is seen to neutral and unbiased. Media is an agent of political socialization, which has created an impact on politics. Mass media has operated in a way that can affect politics in America. Today, significant factors contribute to the workers of mass media as their reports can face a high chance of influence to politician. Such influences include big corporations or the government, primarily to manipulate the mass audience for their own advantage. Mass media has a great influence on the public opinion as they can fluctuate what individuals should think, know and feel about politicians. The media supplies the general audience with information that voters can base their decisions on. From this, the media is able to manipulate the general public on extreme issues that interfere with the general publics’ rights, such as important issues regarding health or even political interferences. Although one may believe what they learn from the media may be a from an objective point of view, but in truth all information from the media has many external factors that can influence stories for a purpose. This paper will argue how the mass media has a direct influence on the general audience’s perspective and the opinions of the opinions of our political candidates. One area to notice is how certain issues in the media are given more attention in comparison where others are not. What is determined to be on the agenda of the media is a continuous competition from different issues to obtain attention. James W. Dearing and Everett M. Rogers state that issues are “rising or falling on the agenda, or competing with one another for attention” (Dearing & Everett, 1996, p. 1). What is decided to be given attention are generally from media personnel, members of the public or policymakers, which represents ones who hold power (individuals or organizations) influence the decisions of what is attention. Therefore, political candidates who have power and...
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