The Coca-Cola Brand’s History

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Brand - it's more than advertising or marketing. That's all that comes to a man’s mind about the product when he sees it or hears the name of the logo. (David F. D'Alessandro, general manager of John Hancock, «Brand Warfare: 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand» book) The only true marketing approach, which can be broken down into the following steps: 1) The correct positioning;

2) The successful introduction of the brand into the market; 3) An effective business model;
4) The long-term vision of the brand;
5) The overcoming of competitor’s adware pressure;
6) The interest and motivation of the target audience maintaining; 7) Management of distribution network;
8) The formation of a loyal segment of consumers.
From a marketing perspective, to manage the brand effectively - it means, to determine the optimal (from the perspective of cost optimization) version of the product position in consumer’s mind. Most researchers agree that the brand is assets of a product, intellectual part of it, which is shown in its name, design, tagline. Moreover, the brand is able to charismatic affect of human emotion, focusing on new customer acquisition. It is a symbiotic associations and symbols that enhance communication between the product and the customer. The Coca-Cola brand’s history

1) at first - unique invention or great idea.
In Atlanta (Georgia, USA), 1886 in 8 May, John Stith Pemberton having welded syrup, called his friend Frank M. Robinson and told him about the discovery. Frank told him to write this wonderful recipe. The syrup was sweet and thick. John took it into the largest city in the pharmacy "Jacobs' Pharmacy." "Coca-Cola" bought up of nine glasses a day for the first year. The name has come up for a drink Frank Robinson, who is also wielding calligraphy and wrote the words Coca-Cola beautiful curly letters are still the logo of the drink. 2) second - the protection of itself originality from the competition The original name of the mark and registered as a trademark in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. "Assassination attempt" on the elements of corporate identity from competitors was very high. "Kola" suing violators lot and destroying the competition. 3) the third - to know that any invention or idea you can do better By the end of 1886 Coca-Cola became a "Fizzy." It is said that a Southerner suffering from a hangover looked to the Jacob’s pharmacy that sold Coca-Cola, and ordered a glass of drink. Sold by Willie Venable was too lazy to go to the other end of the hall to the water supply and asked the visitor, do not mind if he missed with a splash of soda Pemberton’s syrup. He agreed, and after drinking, was so excited that soon all pharmacies Atlanta was served Coca-Cola in conjunction with soda. After some time in Atlanta came a poor immigrant Asa G. Candler of Ireland. He got the recipe Coca-Cola widow Pemberton for 2300 U.S. dollars. Founded in the state of Georgia «The Coca-Cola Company» with an initial capital of 100 thousand dollars and registered the trademark "Coca-Cola" 31 of January1893. In the same year it paid the first dividend on the shares of the Company ($ 20 per share). Candler and Frank Robinson are developing a new recipe based on the Pemberton’s original recipe to improve taste and increase shelf life, keeping an invigorating effect on the body. 4) the fourth - never forget that idea or invention can be better than it was better

5) the basics of the advertising business
For business development requires two things - a good product and good advertising. Asa Candler began the first in the history of Coca-Cola advertising campaign under the slogan: "Drink" Coca-Cola! “Delicious and Refreshing”. Candler offered free of charge for promotional purposes in any pharmacy put two gallons of syrup (which corresponds to 256 standard servings of finished beverage) - in exchange for 128 names and addresses of regular customers. Then each of them sent out a voucher for the purchase...
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