The Coca-Cola Company: a Global Presence

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The Coca-Cola Company: a global presence

First question: what are the management functions performed by Mr. Goizeta, Mr. Hunter, and Mr. Ivester? How their responsibilities differ?

Management leading functions are planning, organizing leading and controlling. All four functions are used by every manger throughout his work, but some functions are revealed more than others. Mr. Goizueta used important management functions during his time working for Coca Cola, such as planning and leading. He was the Chief Executive Officer and recognized the problems in the company and challenged the new Chief Operating Officer to rejuvenate the coke brand. By noticing what was going on (i.e. consumers showed interest in clear flavored water and seltzers) he was able to plan ahead and lead the company to success. Mr. Hunter also used an important management function: Controlling. Mr. Hunter was the regional manager in the Philippines and noticed that relying on local bottlers to distribute and market Coke products was not working as well as planned. To ensure the success of Coke, Hunter asked Goizueta to consider becoming an active partner in the Philippine bottler, which had been neglecting Coke and concentrating on the beer it bottled. Lastly, Mr. Ivester was a leader, another important management function in business. He was the Company President and Chief Operating Officer. Under his direction, Coke's advertising agency was given the freedom to develop different messages and marketing campaigns aimed at different groups of consumers. However, these three important business men's responsibilities differed greatly. As CEO, Mr. Goizeueta was always looking at the "big picture", while Mr. Hunter was a regional manager and only responsible for a specific area. Before Mr. Ivester became CEO (After Goizueta's death in 1997), he was more responsible for the actual operations of the company, and he basically carried out what Goizueta thought would help the company.

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