The Chosen

Topics: Judaism, Halakha, Ashkenazi Jews Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: March 2, 2014
John Smith
Period 1
Themes of the Chosen

The Chosen is a book about the growth of two young boys. The two boys Danny and Reuven began as enemies and then became best friends. Their friendship was based on parallels in their relationships. There are many parallels and contrasts in the book between the two boys and their families some of them are; the religious values of the two fathers, the ways their fathers teach them, and the careers and classes of the two boys. The Saunders and the Malters have many differences but have many similarities as well. The two separate fathers Reb Saunders and David Malter have parallels because they are both very religious in their lives. Reb is very serious and strict to traditions and ways of the past leaders. David Malter is still very strict and very true to the Talmud but he is very different from Reb because he combines religion and science. David Malter believes that the Jews in Europe need support and that other Jews around the world needed to help them. In Chapter 13, David says a “man must fill his life with meaning, meaning is not automatically given to life”. Where as on the other side Reb believes that the lord will save the Jews and that doing anything else would be disgraceful and against the Talmud. The two fathers have another parallel in relationship by the way they teach their children. The ways the two boys Danny and Reuven are taught may seem very different but they are taught in a similar way. Danny is taught in literal silence, in the book Danny says "He told me once he wishes everyone could talk in silence." (Chapter 3, p. 76) when he tried to explain the silence between him and his father, his father doesn’t speak with to give him love and compassion for others. A type of silence also teaches Reuven, his father knows Reuven has compassion for others so Reuven doesn’t need to learn that. Instead his father is silent when it comes to decisions and chooses about Reuven’s life, which gives Reuven...
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