Analysis of the Chosen

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The Chosen Review Emily Naylor
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The Chosen, a historical fiction,was written by Chiam Potok and published in 1967 by Ballatine Books. The Chosen narrates a story of two Jewish boys experience in America during World War II. Chiam being a Jew himself, born in the Bronx in 1929, shows part of his life in the story through his characters. Danny Saunders, one of the boy, shows Chiam's own desire to leave the trapped life of Judaism and discover other knowledge outside. Chiam explores the tensions and conflicts within small orthodox Jewish communities throughout the Chosen. Giving readers a more sophisticated understanding of Jewish life. The book is divided into three separate stories that weave into each other and create a more superior outlook of the overall story for the readers. The first section describes how Danny and Reuven, the narrator, met at a baseball game. The next section enables the reader to see how see the two boys relationship grow tremendously. The final part expands and increases the situations and problems introduced in the previous sections.
The first book starts at an intense baseball game that eventually turns into a holy war when Danny hits the ball with sovereign force sending it hurling into Reuven's glasses shattering them completely. Because a piece of glass was wedged into Reuven's left eye sending him to the hospital where he meets a crazy assortment of people. While at the hospital Danny visits Reuven and tells him of his story and how he wanted to kill Reuven. Unexpectedly they became friends even though they were from different types of Judaism. Chiam uses Reuven's eye and his roommates situations to hide an important lesson of you don't know what you have til you loose it. The first book had some foul language to add emphasis but was overall not needed to display the teams' hatred for the latter. The first part did show how much Hasidic Jews despised Reuven's type of Judaism explaining further how

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