The Abortion Controversy Essay Example

Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: December 2, 2011
“The Abortion Controversy”
Many outsiders see the United States as a place of peace and harmony. But for those who live within it, know that it is the complete opposite. The United States has numerous amounts of worldwide problems from the economy to obesity to even pollution. Although some are more important than others doesn’t mean the small issues should go unnoticed. Abortion, the termination of pregnancy is considered a problem by many but also reflected as nonfactor to others opinion. In my opinion, I believe abortion is a growing problem and the people of the United States fail to apprehend it. The actual termination of the pregnancy could leave the mother suffering from a serious illness or even be fatal. Abortion is like giving the right to one human to commit murder to another without penalty. Our problem is when abortion is hidden its tolerable and when its seen everything changes.

In America alone, an average of six million women gets pregnant each year. Out of these six million, forty-seven percent will end in abortion. The average cost for one abortion can range from $150-$4000. Because the cost is at such a high rate, women often look for alternative ways to get rid of the fetus. “Every year, many women, especially poor and minority women would die or suffer debilitating physical trauma, all in the name of enforced morality or religious dictates or lack of compassion, as it may be.” (Pajman) Often times these alternatives turn into sticky situations. For example, a teenager who is trying to abort without her parent’s knowledge might seek help from somebody in the streets rather than reaching out for help through a clinic because of fear. The outcome of an improper abortion can lead to health problems, damage to the uterus, or even fatal instances.

You may ask yourself, “Who are getting these abortions? Where are they having them done? Or even, why are they getting them...
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