Texting vs Calling Essay Example

Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: April 4, 2013
There are many different ways to communicate these days. Every one of them has its Pros and Cons. Cell Phones are a dominate part in our lives in this day in age, and it can be used many different ways to communicate with others. There is new age and old age ways of communication, Newspaper, letters, email, texting, calling and more. Although texting and calling are often used to communicate with another, they are quite differently used in all reality.

The best thing about calling it that they are able to tell if the person has gotten your message or not, if they sent a text it could be hours before that person sees it. Calling someone would be considered more formal, in the case of talking to someone important. It’s easier to call someone and ask them a bunch of questions all at once then text them and wait for all the answers to flood in. To be able to hear someone’s voice is definitely one of the plus sides of calling someone over texting them, to be able to hear the emotion in someone’s voice when they are happy, sad, or upset. If you are in a noisy area, it would most likely be hard to hear them at all. Also, not everyone texts, but everyone with a phone has calling even if it’s a little.

Now that cell phone companies have the option for unlimited texting, it is a lot cheaper then calling and using minuets up all the time. Some of the positive sides to texting would have to be is; Faster, and quieter. If you are in a ‘’Quite Place’’ like a library it would be considered rude to call someone, so you could text them quietly without bothering anyone. I would recommend texting for small questions, or to pass on a reminder to someone or leave one for yourself. This day in age, texting has become so efficient it would take less than a minute for the message to be received to the partner. With a text message, the person who received the message has time to think, and answer when they are conformable. Texting could be considered to be more comfortable,...
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