Tecnologia de Informatica

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Microsoft Corporation has been known to have an efficient value chain and offering the customer great value with its products. A value chain assists in creating competitive advantage, and this could be achieved in different ways. The organization has to place itself in a competitive position fist. The competitive position is a dynamic process, a “process rendered even potentially more dynamic by the drivers underlying the ‘new economy’ DEMAND CHAIN AND SUPPLY CHAIN

* The value chain which consists of the demand chain and the supply chain is what drives a company. * The supply chain is focused more on reducing costs, and the demand chain is leaning more towards the needs of the customer. * Microsoft Corporation considers that for consumer goods manufacturers, the key to profitable growth is to evolve the enterprise into a demand-driven supply network, moving from a "push" method of moving product, which is based on incomplete or inaccurate demand information, to a "pull" method, which is based on quick response to real-time demand signals. * Supply chain management solutions from Microsoft and its partner network addresses the realities of today's complex global supply chains and provide the needed foundation on which to transform and improve supply chains, moving them into more demand-driven models (Microsoft.com, 2011).

* The demand chain of a corporation allows it to create a clear vision of future demand and to align all supplies and sales processes around that vision. * Microsoft Corporation is able to support organizations in creating realistic and achievable sales budgets, building reliable sales forecasts from detailed market intelligence, managing promotions effectively, and establishing optimal inventory levels for a maximum return on investment at stores and distribution centers across the value chain. * There are several value drivers for Microsoft Corporation, but cloud computing is one area where customers and partners are...
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