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tangent galvanometer

By dhaneshrknair001 Oct 26, 2014 337 Words
at right
along Ecompass
A compa
plane ve
base wh
the coils
on level
E‐W and
the coil
Magnet Gal
t galvanome
e: Based on
angle to eac
horizontal c
‐W direction
s box is kept
ass box mou
ertical. A non
d from one
hile the othe
s can be rota
ling screws.
Since the di
d magnetic f
should be pl
the principle
h other in w
component o
n is produce
t at the cent
unted on the
n conducting
another. On
r end of all a
ated about a
rection of th
field due to
aced along N
S ‐ High Scho
(Pivoted Typ
e of tangents
which a magn
of magnetic
d by passing
tre of the co
e spindle is k
g circular coi
ne end of all
are connecte
vertical axis
he magnetic
the circular
N‐S direction
nt Galvan
ool Tutorial Cl
s law in mag
netic needle i
field along
g the curren
oil. From the
ept exactly a
ils having dif
the coils ar
ed to four se
passing thro
field due to
coil carrying
lass Notes Cu
netism we n
is kept free t
N‐S directio
nt to be mea
deflection o
at the centre
fferent no of
e connected
parate term
ough the cen
the current
g current is a
urrent Electri
need two uni
to rotate. On
on and the o
asured throu
of the needl
e of the circu
f turns 50,10
d to a comm
inals. The ve
ntre. The inst
through the
along its axis
iform magne
ne of the two
other magne
ugh a circula
e the curren
ular coil kept
00,200 & 500
on terminal
ertical frame
trument is su
e coil should
s hence the
Page 1
etic fields
o fields is
etic field
ar coil. A
nt can be
t with its
0 all kept
C at the
e carrying

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