broken families effect to teenagers

Topics: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Magnetism Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: January 31, 2014
Multiple Choices
Identify the letter of the choice that best complete the statement or answer the question.

1. What are the two evidences that link electricity and magnetism? A. Energy B. Magnet transport system and Transmission lines. C. Magnetic repulsion and attraction D. Magnetic lines of induction 2. Every magnet, whatever its size or shape, has two poles.

A. West and East B. West and North C .North and South D. South and East 3. The N-pole of a suspended magnet, like a compass needle is _____. A. Always point to the north magnet pole of the earth B. Point to the west C. The magnet point is always pointing the South D. The South and North point 4. The number of lines of induction passing through a unit area is called _______. A. Magnetism B. Magnetic Flux C. Electromagnetic D. Rotation 5. A compass-needle can be deflected from its usual N-S position, which is exerted on the wire. A. Current-carrying wire B. Connecting wire C. None of the above 6. Magnetic lines of induction around a current-carrying wire from? A. Magnetism B. External Magnetic C. Circular loops D. Magnetic Flux 7. If the direction of the current / is known the direction of the magnetic field B around a current-carrying wire can be determined by. A. Applying the left hand rule B. Applying the left hand rule C .Energy Exerted D. None of the above 8. The end of the current-carrying coil, where lines of induction emerge come out. A. If the North Pole exist B. The N-pole of the coil C. The N-S poles apply D. All of the above 9. The magnetic field strength of an electromagnet may be increased by: A. Increasing the current in the coil B. Increasing the number of loops in the coil C. The N-pole applies D. All of the above

10. A circulating and spinning electrons comprises a weak current. A. This produces a weak magnetic field B. exerted energy C. produces electrical power 11. Electromagnets are used in many degrees, like,

A. Electric doorbell B. Buzzer C. Electric relay D. All of...
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