T- Box : Wind Power Generator

Topics: Energy development, Wind power, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 8 (2591 words) Published: February 10, 2012
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Priyanka Agrawal Astt. Prof.Rajnikant Tiwari EE-32 Electrical Engg. Department Roll No. :0905420074

Session : 2011-2012


I would like to express my deepest gratitude and also extend my heartly thanks to my seminar guide and Seminar In-charge Mr. Rajnikant Tiwari who very sincerely extended his help and provided resourceful and helpful inputs without which the work would never have been realized. I extend my cordial gratitude and esteem to my teachers, whose effective guidance, valuable time and constant inspiration made it feasible and easy to carry out the work in a smoother manner. I am very grateful to Prof. (Dr.) Sheethalekshmi K., Head of Department, Electrical Engineering for giving me a chance to present this seminar. Last but not the least; I would like to thank all my friends who directly or indirectly helped me in completion of my work.

List of Contents :-
Page No. 1. Introduction 4 2. Need of energy conservation 5 3. Need of alternative energy resources 7 4. What is a T-box? 9 5. Working of T-box 11 6. Construction 14 7. Calculation of energy produced 16 8. Uses of T-box 17 9. Advantages of T-box 18 10. References 19


T- Box is a device that uses the wind energy produced by a running train. It is composed of mechanical components required for supplying, harnessing and storing the converted energy. Unlike innovations such as the Solar Roadways project and Solar Wind concept, the T-box device wouldn't have to depend on a natural energy source, but instead one that is produced as a consequence of human activity. China's Jiang and Italy's Luparini developed the blueprints of it. The generated power can be provided to remote areas where there are not any sources of electricity and public facilities along the railway. The new device could be ideal for developing countries, because it is capable of solving many of the electricity problems occurring in such places. To fix the T-box on the rails, the concaves must to be constructed in cement between every two sleepers. After that, two brackets are to be fixed on two sides of the concave. This way the new device can be set upon these maneuvered tracks. About 150 T-boxes could be assembled on a 1000 m long railway track and they can generate about 2.6 kWh per day. However, it's an appealing concept with huge potential for further development. The T-box design took silver in last year's Lite-On awards and was exhibited in Xuexue Institute, Taipei during the summer.

Need of Energy Conservation

With the advent of the technology and change in the time, there is a great upliftment in the standards of the common man. Man has become the loyal associate of the technology. There is no work which has been left in which man is not taking the assistance of...

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