Synopsis of Research Article

Topics: Higher education, Scientific method, Evaluation Pages: 5 (1010 words) Published: October 19, 2014

I choose an article titled The ‘Inside-out’ and ‘Outside-in’ Approaches on Students’ Perceived Quality: An Empirical Evaluation by Kwek Choon Ling, Lau Teck Chai, Tan Hoi Piew, for this assignment (Write up 1: Synopsis) due to my interest on service quality topic in Malaysia private higher education institution. This article is focusing on the evaluation and validation of the overall students’ perceived service quality in private higher education institution in Malaysia by using mixture combination two approaches (inside-out and outside-in). Service quality is seen as a vital feature for any business to sustain in the global business competitive environment. In any nature of business environment including higher education sector, service quality is the key factor to sustain business operation. To ensure every business maintain sustainability especially in the service industry, service provider must give priority to their customer in terms of meeting their expectation (or exceed the customer expectation) in order to gain competitive advantages. Education industry is not exclude in this trend especially in the private higher education sector. The government of Malaysia is emphasizing the quality of education program provided by each private higher education service provider in Malaysia rather than focus on the quantity and the numbers of higher education provider. The ignorance of service quality is considered as a major blunder for private higher education provider as this aspect is vital in every level of service processes.

Theoretical basis of the study

Disconfirmation of expectations theory by Dawes and Rowley (1999) is being used by the authors in the research. Dawes and Rowley (1999) stated that many organization management often focus on minimizing the negative responses rather than to maximize the positive response of product offering. They also review the origin of the concept dissatisfaction, dissonance and disconfirmation in the extant of service quality literature. Ruyter, Bloemer and Peeters (1997) stated that disconfirmation will be created as the outcome when comparing expectations with perception of services provided. Customer will create positive disconfirmation when the service performance exceeds the expectation and negative disconfirmation will be formed when the service expectation exceeds the service performance.

Problem Statement

The rivalry among private higher education provider to achieve the target of new students’ enrollment has tremendous increase since 1996 (liberalization of higher education sector). It has pushed the private higher education institutions to seriously focus on overall students’ perceived service quality as their competitive advantages in the higher education sector. In 2010, there is 476 private higher education institution comparing with only 20 public university in Malaysia (Ministry of Higher Education, 2011) and the new students enrollment in 2010 to Malaysian private higher education is 541,629 comparing with 462,780 in Malaysia public university. The private higher education institutions is not just only facing the competition from others competitors in the same sector but also facing a tremendous competition from the public university as well. The aspect of overall perceived service quality and the implementation of it seldom get any serious attention from the higher education institution administrator and the management of the education institution always neglect the impact of service quality that can contribute to the new students enrollment intake.

Objectives and Research Questions/Hypothesis

The research objective is to assess and authenticate the determinants that can contribute towards overall students’ perceived service quality for a Malaysian private higher education institutions by using the combination of outside-in and inside-out approaches.

The research questions in this paper are:

Research question 1 – What...
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