Summary of Television the Plug in Drug

Topics: Frederick Douglass, The Columbian Orator, Writing Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: February 22, 2013

Learning to read and write is an essay written by Mr. Frederick Douglass. The essay is about a young boy in the age of the slaves. Mr. Frederick Douglass was a slave that had begun to be taught how to read by his mistress, his mistress was directed by her husband to stop teaching him how to read. At this point it was very difficult for his mistress to treat him like chattel, but with given time her tender heart became stone, even though she was the one who had started teaching Mr. Frederick Douglass how to read nothing made her more angry then to see him with a newspaper.

By the age of 12 the thought of being a slave for life began to bear heavily on him. It was at this age that he got his hands on a book called “The Columbian orator” which Mr. Douglass says “In this book, I met with one of Sheridan’s might speeches on and in behalf of Catholic emancipation. These were choice documents to me. I read them over and over again with unabated interest.” Even as a young man he knew he wanted to be free more then anything in the world but he also knew that he had to learn to read and write before he could run away and be free.

Television: The Plug –In Drug is an essay written by Marie Winn. This essay is about the way that television changes families and in all actuality pushes families further apart. Ms. Winn talks about many situations where families are proven to be more interested to what is on the television screen then what is going on in their family.
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