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Know and briefly describe the five basic management functions. 1. Planning – a manager decides on goals and the actions the organization must take to meet them. 2. Organizing – A manager groups related activities together and assigns employees to perform them. 3. Staffing – A manager decides how many and what kind of people an organization needs to meet its goals. 4. Leading – A manager provides the guidance employees need to perform their tasks. 5. Controlling – A manager monitors progress and measures how the organization performs to ensure that financial goals are being met. Define "management" and explain the managerial significance of "effectiveness" and "efficiency". Management is a form of work that involves deciding the best way to use an organizations resources to produce goods or provide services. List five methods that can used to train or develop employees * On the job training

* Vestibule training
* Apprenticeship training
* Classroom training and computer assisted instruction

Understand and briefly describe effective management communication skills.

Managers must give direction to the people who work for them Managers must be able to motivate people
Managers must be able to convince customers that they should do business with them Managers must be able to absorb the ideas of others
Managers must be a ble to persuade other people
Describe four social responsibilities.
Philanthropy and Volunteerism
Environmental Awareness
Sensitivity to Diversity and quality of work life
Describe and recognize legal and ethical responsibilities.
Ethical responsibilities: Honesty, adherence to law, product safety and quality, health and safety in the workplace, conflicts of interest, employment practices, selling and marketing practices, financial reporting, pricing billing, and contracting, security. Legal responsibilities:

Recognize when TQM would benefit an organization.
Total Quality Management
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