Stalin vs Lenin Essay Example

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Throughout the short history of the Soviet Union there had been many rulers who led the Soviet Union into a superpower. Lenin and Stalin, two of the most controversial dictators of the Soviet Union, were those dictators that brought the Soviet Union to that position. Though their social policies were the same, the way they ruled the country and their economic policies differed greatly.

The aspects of Stalin and Lenin’s rule which made them so similar were that they both rules were similar. They ruled the Soviet Union under the laws of Marxism and socialism. They adopted the Marxist ideas and adjusted them to Russian realities so that the Marxism would be successful in the Soviet Union. Also, when Lenin first became dictator of the Soviet Union he made it the first communist nation. After Lenin’s death, Stalin became dictator, and ruled the Soviet Union the same way Lenin did, T hey believed in a communist state that almost every aspect from religion to distribution of resources would be equal. Also, they both had created a secret police force that carried out the dirty work of the dictator and kept strict control of the country by keeping the people in fear, without the secret police the public would not be scared to revolt and the revolution would have continued. In addition, both dictators had a hard time in coming to power, because both had to use cunning to become dictator. Lenin led the Bolsheviks to victory with the help of Germany, while Stalin had to get rid of Trotsky by isolating him from the party and became the party leader and eventually the dictator. While both of these dictators were ruled identically, they differed just as much.

The ideology of both Stalin and Lenin show that both these dictators came from different backgrounds and their policies were different. First, Lenin was the first dictator and followed a policy of a light communism and leaned more toward socialism, so his dream of a pure communism state was never achieved. While on the...
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