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SSA2211 Revision Notes

Chapter 2 – In the Beginning – The Lion City
2 different recounts of the birth of Singapore

Who / Year
How it started
When the reign ended
Why he left
Sejarah Melayu
Seri Teri Buana, Prince of Palembang / 1299
Decided to stay after he saw the merlion and renamed Temasek as Singapura After 5 generations / 1396
Last king, Iskandar Shah betrayed by his official who opened the gates for invading Javanese forces Portuguese recounts
Parameswara, Prince of Palembang / 1392
Fled Majapahit forces despatched to crush the rebellion he staged After 4 years / 1396
Assassinated host who welcomed him. Fled the ensuing Thai forces set to avenge for the dead ruler

Accounts on the birth of Singapura
Sejarah Melayu
Portuguese accounts
“Singapura as an auspicious location, a new city to be established”

1299: Seri Teri Buana leaves Palembang, arrives, discovered and renamed the place as Singapura

Ends his reign after 48 years when he died, succeeded by his son

Reign ended after 5 generations, in 1396

Singapura was powerful and able to challenge Majapahit, the major hegemon in the archipelago

Why singapura had power?
Second ruler of Singapura, son of Seri Teri Buana, married to daughter of Tamil ruler of Kalinga Singapura had standings among the indian kingdoms

Reason for its end: 1396, Last king, Sultan Iskandar Shah was betrayed by one of his officials , to the invading Majapahit

Iskandar Shah fled singapura, went to Melaka to set up a port-city “Singapura as a refuge”

1392: Parameswara arrives after fleeing an unsuccessful uprising against Majapahit in Palembang; he then kills his host, and takes over Singapura

Reason for its end: 1396, Parameswara forced to flee from an invading Thai force sent to avenge the murder of its vassal

Chapter 3: Lure of the Chinese Market

Great civilizations of Asia: China, India and Middle East
Affected economic, social and political history of the coastal port-states of Melaka Straits region

How did the port settlements along the Melaka Straits region function? (dependent on trade context) 1. Asian maritime trade involving exchange of goods between states in south china sea and indian ocean One main port in the Melaka straits emerges as the entrepot , the centrifugal point between the markets in these two major Asian economic regions The other ports in the Melaka straits subsumes themselves under this chief entrepot, acting as feeder ports, servicing the chief port’s economic needs, benefitting from the Asian trade directly 2. Trade context differed, no need for chief entrepot port

-ports orientate their economic outlook towards key markets that were closest to them -ports on northern end of MS focused on India and Middle East -ports on southern end (incl sg) focused on the malay archipelago, mainland SEA and china

-collection centre
-export gateway for products obtainable from immediate area (for South Johor and Riau Arcipelago)
Chinese ceramic and glassware imported by Temasek were similar, glass ware had similar compositions
(Shows that Riau Archipelago was intimately linked to Temasek!)

Chapter 5 – Singapura: Outpost of the Melaka and Johor Kingdom

Singapura comes under Melaka Sultanate. Acts as the home base of the Orang Laut, warriors of the Melaka sultans Parameswara establishes Kingdom of Melaka

Melaka falls to the Portuguese

Last sultan of Melaka establishes Johor Sultanate up the Johor River 1530
Orang Laut chief defends Singapura against Portuguese attacks Series of Portuguese attacks on Johor Sultanate

Chapter 3 – The Lure of the Chinese Market
14th Temasek
Before 990

Chinese ships banned from venturing abroad to trade

宋lifted ban though trade, however, still highly controlled: -ships had to register at the Guangzhou port before they could embark on a...
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