Topics: Optics, Windows Mobile, Smartphone Pages: 4 (1813 words) Published: October 25, 2014

The Smart Beacon
Phase 2 Project Report

Miss Nokwanda P. Fakude
UKZN-School of Engineering

AbstractThis document serves a complete paper design report of a Smart Beacon Project . This project researches as well implements a small Bluetooth enabled frequency generating transmitter which then uses the android application as a receiver. Details on the actual design are entailed in the context of this document. This document contains two main sections of the paper design namely: The hardware paper design section and the software paper design section which are further broken down accordingly. The author of this documents hopes that after you have read this document you will have a complete and clear idea of the design such that you can make out of t your own model of the smart beacon from the given paper design.

Table of Contents
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc401240670 \h ii1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc401240671 \h 11.1. The System overview PAGEREF _Toc401240672 \h 11.2. The Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc401240673 \h 21.3. Project Objectives PAGEREF _Toc401240674 \h 21.4. The Project Deliverables PAGEREF _Toc401240675 \h 21.5. Project Breakdown Structure PAGEREF _Toc401240676 \h 21.5.1 System Hardware PAGEREF _Toc401240677 \h 31.5.1 a. The Power Supply PAGEREF _Toc401240678 \h 31.5.1 b. The Frequency generating circuit. PAGEREF _Toc401240679 \h 31.5.1 c. The Bluetooth Module. PAGEREF _Toc401240680 \h 41.5.2 System Software PAGEREF _Toc401240681 \h 51.5.2. a. The Frequency Detection App PAGEREF _Toc401240682 \h 52.The Overall Budget PAGEREF _Toc401240683 \h 63. Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc401240684 \h 74. References PAGEREF _Toc401240685 \h 8 1.Introduction1.1. The System overviewWith a high market demand in content marketing Apple introduced a seemingly safe function in its new operating system iOS7 called the iBeacon. Now Developers and marketers over the world are starting to realize its true significance....

References: 1] iBeacon: The Future of Content Marketing. Online. Available[Accessed 20 September 2014]
[2] Capacitors for voltage regulators. Online. Available [Accessed 3 October 2014]
[3] Voltage Regulators and Capacitors. Online. Available [Accessed April 4,2014]
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