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Sleepless in Seattle

By xiadayuyi Mar 03, 2013 264 Words
Sleepless in Seattle

Someone important in your life lost, what would you do? Sam responded : “Work hard! Work will save you. Work is the only thing that will see you through this”. Until her back appeared at the airport, something in his heart was hard to say----maybe destiny takes a hand! See her at first sight, then fall in love .Love can make a person recover from deeply pain. Magic----the most suitable word to describe the romantic movies!

Everyone has the pursuit of love, but you should not expected! No reason, no reservation in advance, easy come,easy go. When you are attracted to someone, she is all you have got. Subconsciously, when you suffer from the deep sorrow, and meeting someone unexpectedly or a casual glimpse, love may appear. It will heal your broken-heart, create hope and fulfill dreams in an age of disillusionment and despair. God closes a door, he also opens a window. So, it can be a truth that no matter how desperate our situation may be and regardless, how painful it becomes to us, love conquers all.

Sometimes you don’t to be a sweet-talker or even a poet to prove that love is true. Your actions will do it for you. When you become convicted that he or she is the one who will be your true love, chase her or him now, then make him or her shed tears in your shoulder.

Sleepless in Seattle, the movie encircles us a thick warm feeling, a heart-throb warm us in the freezing-cold winter.

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