Slapstick Comedy Paper Essay Example

Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: November 3, 2005
I watched the movie "Happy Gilmore" staring Adam Sandler. Its about a guy, how thinks he's a hockey player but really sucks at it. So he ends up playing golf too buy back his grandmothers house. It came out in 1996, and made $38,624,000. This movie had more than one subgenre. It was a screwball comedy because it had a man and a woman battling there differences and eventually falling in love in the end. I think this also had slapstick comedy tendencies because it used violence to make people laugh. 1."Normal rules of behavior are violated. Comedy characters act in ways we cannot get away with." This is a very obvious trait of this movie. Happy is always getting in fights with people. In one of these fights him and Bob Barker go at it beating the heck out of each other on national TV. In real life on national TV everyone wouldn't stand by and watch 2 people fight for 5 min. And after the fight there would be consequences. Like assault charges or lawsuits etc. Another time he gets mad at a guy in the stands so he goes and tackles him and beats the crap out of him. In real life he would be charged with assault, and the fan would have sewed the pants off of him and won easily. But in this movie he can get away with all those things without facing any charges or suffering any consequences.

2. "Issues that are really serious are made fun of. We laugh at things that would ordinarily take serious." This trait is seen many times in this movie. In the beginning Happy is shooting cans with a nail gun and he shoots a guy in the head with the nail gun. The nail gets stuck in his head and he still has it there later in the movie. Normally that wouldn't be funny but in the movie it is. Another thing that normally wouldn't be funny is when a man falls out the window and dies because he's afraid of a dead crocodile. This wouldn't be funny in real life, but its funny in the movie. 3. "Audience is the common people. We find fun in watching the rich socially high class...
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