The 40 Year Old Virgin

Topics: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carell, Judd Apatow Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: May 25, 2006
The 40 Year Old Virgin is proof that comedies can still be funny. Sadly, movies like this, with a kind of consistent humor, come out too rarely. Yes, it's a little long, almost two hours, but there are plenty of laughs throughout the movie, especially in the last 30 minutes, and they also save one of the best jokes for last. If you're looking for a successor to There's Something About Mary and American Pie, look no further. It has arrived, and in my opinion, is more enjoyable than either of them.

Steve Carrell is one of those familiar faces you know but cannot quite remember his name. He has gained a little familiarity as a result of appearing on NBC-TV version of The Office and Will Farrell's Anchorman. Here, Carrell plays up the dorkiness and turns on the geeky charm as 41-year old Andy Stitzer. Shy doesn't even begin to describe Andy. He "respects" women so much that he stays away from them. At age 41, he is still a virgin, but his salesman buddies are determined to change that.

Under the expert direction of Judd Apatow, the humor keeps coming throughout the movie. On the occasion when a gag fails, it is quickly forgotten. None of the jokes in this movie are drawn for so long that they lose their punch. (With maybe one exception - the "I know you're gay because..." parts) Most of the material is about sex, with some of the funniest bits involving Andy's first encounter with a condom, his drive home with a drunk girl, his waxing treatment, and his "date" with himself. The movie is rated 14-A, which is one of the reasons it is so refreshing.

As with There's Something About Mary and American Pie, The 40 Year Old Virgin wants us to like the main character even as we chuckle at his inabilities when it comes to women. Andy is a decent, likable guy, and it doesn't take long before we're rooting for him to be in love. The Delightful Catherine Keener is perfect as Andy's love interest Trish. The 40 Year Old Virgin sort of in the romantic comedy territory, and...
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