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By jianglan1995 May 27, 2014 1007 Words
In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Claudius completes many evil acts. Claudius

does many kinds of evil things throughout the whole story, and Claudius causes

everyone’s death. First, Claudius kills Claudius’s brother, Hamlet’s father, then

Claudius marries Gertrude to be king. Next, Claudius sends Hamlet to England

because hamlet killed Polonius, father of Laertes and Claudius knew Hamlet

would find troube there. Caudius wrote a leter to the King of England saying if

they see Hamlet they should kill him. Finnaly, Claudius persuades Laertes to kill

Hamlet by telling him it was Hamlet who killed his family. Therefore, Claudius is

the most evil character in Hamlet.

Firstly, Claudius is the most evil character in Hamlet because he poisons

Gentrude and is disloyal to king Hamlet. Claudius kills his brother king Hamlet by

poisoning him in his ear while he is sleeping, Claudius is very afraid, because he

wants to be a king, so he kills his brother king Hamlet: “sleeping within my

orchard/ my custom always of the afternoon/ upon my secure nour thy uncle

stole with juice of cursed hebenon in a vial/ And in the porches of my ears did

pour the leperous distilmvent/ whose affect Holds such an enmity with blood of

man”(1.1.60~66). This act shows that Claudius is very afraid; he afraid king

Hamlet is not dead: “ Therefore our sometime sister, now our queen,/

Th’imperial jointress to this warlike state,/ Have we, as’twere with a defeated

joy,/ With an auspicious and a dropping eye,/ With mirth in funeral and with

dirge in marriage,/ In equal scale weighing delight and dole,/ Taken to wife.”

(1.2.8~14) In law, Gertrade is Claudius’s sister; king Hamlet is Claudius’s brother.

Now king Hamlet is dead, he wants Gertrade married to him. And he uses some

English 2

method to make Polonius very loyal and devoted to claudius. It’s like a ghost

talks about Claudius: “ Ay, that incestuous, that adulterate beast, / With

witchcraft of his wit, with traitorous gifts-/ O wicked wit, and gifts that have the

power/ So to seduce! - Won to his shameful lust/ the will of my most seeming-

virtuous queen.”(1.5.43~46) Clduius is always in a position of advantage in the

play. So Claudius uses his power to be the eviliest character in Hamlet.

Secondly, Claudius is the most evil character because he sends Hamlet to

England to be executed. Claudius asks Rosencrantz and Gulidenstren, Hamlet’s

friends to take Hamlet, and bring a letter with them, he wants Hamlet dead in

England: “ The present death of Hamlet. Do it, England; / for like the hectic in my

blood he rages, / and thou must cure me. Till I know ’tis done, / Howe’er my haps,

my joys were ne’er begun.”(4.3.65~68) It demon strategies cruelty towards

Hamlet by trying to send him to his death. He dose not let Hamlet dead at

Denmark, he told Hamlet’s friend to kill Hamlet, it show us Claudius is very evil.

And Claudius thinks Hamlet knows that Claudius killed his father. So he uses

Hamlet to kill Polonius, told Hamlet to go to England to take refuge. He also

writes a letter to give England’s king: “ That else leans on th’affain, pray you

make haste. / And England, if my love thou hold’st at aught- / As my great power

thereof may give thee sense, / Since yet thy cicatrice looks raw and red/ After

the Danish sword, and thy free aew (4.3.58~61). It demonstrates Claudius trying

to tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to kill Hamlet to go to England and new

good it will be go way. He wants Hamlet never to go back to Denmark. He cannot

worry to do a king. Incondusion, Claudius is most evil character in Hamlet.

English 3

Thirdly, Claudius is the most evil character because he inspires Laertes to kill

Hamlet. Claudius telds Laertes that Hamlet killed his father polonius and asks

him to revenge his father’s death by killing Hamlet in a duel: “ To his good friends

thus wide I’ll ope my arms, / And, like the kind life-rend’ring pelican, / Repast

them with my blood. / Like a good child and a true gentleman (4.5.144~147). It

illustrates Claudius was convinoing Laertes to avenge his father’s death and to

kill Hamlet. And Claudius wants Hamlet dead, but to make himself safe and not

get in trouble. Claudius does not want Hamlet alive, so he use Laertes to Laertes’s

father and Laertes’s sister’s dead, want use Laertes to kill Hamlet: “ To you in

satisfaction; but if not, / Be you content to lend your patience to us, / And we

shall jointly labour with your soul / To give it due content. / His means of death,

his obscure funeral- / No trophy, sword, nor hatchment o’er his bones, / No

noble rite, nor formal ostentation- (4.5.205~211). It illustrates Claudius is trying

to hint to Laertes who killed Laertes’s father and made Laertes’s sister mad. So

Laertes wants to kill Hamlet and Claudius puts poison and wants kills Hamlet.

One is to give Laertes a sword, on the sword glazed a poison, one is ready a

posion. If Hamlet wins posion is put in his drink. But when Hamlet wins, the

queen becomes excited and drinks the wine. So the queen dies. So Claudius is

very evil, Claudius thinks of two ways to kill Hamlet, Claudius want a perfect way

to kill Hamlet. Claudius does not want Hamlet alive anymore. So Claudius is the

most evil character in Hamlet.

In the end, Claudius is the most evil character in Hamlet. Claudius is dead.

English 4

Because Hamlet knows everything Claudius did, Hamlet killed Claudius. In the

play, Claudius kill his brother, king Hamlet and Claudius marries Gertrude to be a

king, Claudius sends Hamlet to England and Claudius wants to kill Hamlet there

and Claudius persuades Laertes to kill Hamlet. This a tragedy and Claudius is the

nost evil character in Hamlet. Claudius is responsible for every negative tragic

event that happens in Hamlet. In condusion, Claudius is the most evil character

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